How to help your kids learn Spanish online


When we move to the place where we need to learn a new language to adapt — it’s always hard for the children. You have to focus on this problem and help out your toddler to learn Spanish without extra hassle for their everyday life.

No worries, nowadays it became way more comfortable to teach Spanish to preschoolers and toddlers. Online Spanish courses for kids can help you figure this out and lead your kid to a successful life in the Spanish-speaking environment.

Here are a few steps that you’ve got to try while taking an online learning approach.

Find an online tutor that has experience working with kids

First and foremost, find a qualified Spanish tutor. They need to have relevant expertise in teaching kids or working with toddlers.

Make sure you understand how important it is to find a person who will ‘click’ with the kid and will be able to lead him in the right direction while learning Spanish.

Thankfully, it’s way easier now to find online Spanish classes for your kids, online platforms that offer online classes already have a separate category with tutors who have relevant experience. You just need to browse the catalog, find the one you like and give it a try. 

When you want to find a Spanish tutor for your children online, a decent tutor can mean a lot and boost the whole process of new language learning to the new level. Finding a perfect online teacher is a shortcut to your kid’s happy future in a Spanish-speaking city.

The reason why the online approach is so good is the flexibility that you have when you work with the online tutor. You only need a laptop or a tablet (kids love tablets!), a stable internet connection, and you’re ready to go.

Make sure you pick the right time that suits your kid’s schedule. If you know when your kid is more focused throughout the day, now it’s time to put this precious knowledge to work.

Look for interactive online learning opportunities

We want to underline that working with the tutor is a mandatory thing that will be fundamental for the other learning activities. It will serve as one of the pillars holding this whole learning process together.

Another thing to consider is finding fun and engaging interactive platforms that will help your kid learn new words, expressions, and communication skills.

Many platforms nowadays offer gamification of the language learning process. Your kid will have fun and memorize new words or grammar rules while having a good time playing an interactive game.

This is huge, and we’ve got to say that 2020 is full of these technologically advanced opportunities. Sweet, huh?

Find educational cartoons and games on YouTube

Everyone loves YouTube videos, but it’s up to you whether you make an effort to guide your kid to the educational side of YouTube.

There are thousands of videos on this platform that teach Spanish for children online through funny cartoons and engaging games. The best part is that your kid is not just listening to boring grammar; he/she is having fun.

This is also a great association that your kid will have: Spanish is fun and can be interesting, why not to learn it? That’s the core idea of the interactive online approach.

Turn on the Spanish subtitles on their favorite streaming services

Netflix is rapidly conquering our world, along with Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. All these platforms offer international subtitles for movies, cartoons, and kid shows.

Just figure out which one has the most diverse kid-friendly content or simply find out what streaming service your kid prefers and turn on the Spanish subtitles for his/her favorite shows.

As an idea, you can reward your kid with more “TV” time if he/she agrees to turn on the Spanish subtitles. This will make your kid happy and get him/her into learning new Spanish words, expressions, and slang phrases.

Invite all family members to participate

You’ve got to understand that despite the importance of the online learning approach, you still have to put a lot of effort into it — all of you.

Your family now lives in the Spanish-speaking environment, and it’s your job to figure this out as a team, so make sure all of your family members participate in Spanish classes that your kid takes.

We’re not saying that your whole family has to be present while your kid works with the online tutor. We’re saying that teaching Spanish for children online is a core of his/her knowledge, but you put more fun into it is a catalyst to make this work.

Creativity, interactivity, and engagement

Let’s face it; these are the pillars that hold the whole learning process. When we want our toddlers to learn Spanish, we have to put a lot of hard work into it and make it really engaging.

If it’s not interactive and fun, your kid won’t be interested in it no matter what you say. We, the grown-ups, know that this is important for his/her future. But kids are not pragmatic; they want you to make it really interesting for them. 


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