Her name is Danna, she’s 12 years old and she fighting cancer … Your help could save her!


She has leg cancer, so she needs operations and a prosthesis worth more than 200 thousand pesos to prevent the cancer from spreading, find out how you can help her

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Originally from the Walamo community, Danna is a small dreamer of only 12 years of age, who just last year was diagnosed with a cancer tumor in her left leg in the lower knee.

The little girl is at risk of this disease spreading, so she has gone to therapies in the state capital to fight cancer, however, her parents are of limited resources because they barely get ahead with their salary as day laborers.

His family today asks for support from the whole community in general since little Danna will go into a very difficult operation: part of her leg would be removed to prevent the spread of this disease, and instead, a prosthesis would be placed to prevent her from losing a full leg

The goal to be collected is around 219 thousand pesos, which would be enough to carry out the expenses explained above, that is why they are asking for support from the general population to donate money or send in-kind support for little Danna.

The account to support Danna is from Bancoppel with the numbers: 4169 – 1604 – 7265 – 4582. Any support will be appreciated.

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