Cerveza Pacifico presents its new image during Mazatlan’s Carnival


Days before the carnival began to see the new image of clear Pacific beer and the new member of his family of beers called Pacifico Suave. Pacific beer is considered one of the best beers in the world

During the carnival in the beer tents, you can already buy the new thinnest can with its classic yellow color and with the shield that characterizes this beer with more than 100 years of tradition between Mazatlecos and lovers of clear beers Pilsner type.

Pacifico Suave, the new member

Foodturist sent me an image where the new Suave Pacific appeared but after touring a modelrama, 2 deposits and a kiosk was not yet available for sale in Mazatlan.

DKrugga photo

Through social networks, the bottled version of the soft Pacific beer began to appear that we hope to have access soon to try it and tell them how soft and refreshing it is, that if I like the image and at least for lovers of the Pearl of the Pacific that like to drink beer and they will want it in their collection.

What do you think of the new image of Pacific beers?