Barra de Potosí, one of the greatest natural attractions of Guerrero


The tourist community of Barra de Potosí has ​​one of the greatest natural attractions in the entire state of Guerrero, there are the conditions for the sighting of the humpback whale, birds, dolphins, sea turtles, and Different mangrove species. 

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The president of the Barra de Potosí tourism services cooperative, Víctor Manuel Abarca Maciel, said that the tours to observe the whale have brought about an increase in the arrival of national and foreign tourism. The federal government, through Semarnat, granted several permits to maritime service providers of that locality, which demonstrates the training to which they were subjected to carry out the activity without endangering marine mammals and occupants of the boats.  

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However, Barra de Potosí has ​​many more attractions. Abarca Maciel said that tourists are also trained to make dolphin and sea turtle sighting tours, species that abound in this part of the Mexican Pacific. To this attraction are added the 10 kilometers of the lagoon where you have the opportunity to see an average of 260 species of birds and see an extensive flora with mangrove varieties, such as the red mangrove that is in danger of extinction.  

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«Every day there are tours, the arrival of tourism is better and the attractions you have are many. In Barra de Potosí we have the largest number of banners that were delivered in the state of Guerrero for the sighting of the humpback whale. It has a natural wealth, ”he concluded. 

Barra de Potosí is a small community by the sea that is located at the end of Playa Larga and a 35-minute drive from the fishing town of Zihuatanejo.

One of the most notable aspects of Barra de Potosí is that it has several of the rustic restaurants called enramadas where delicious specialties prepared with seafood and fish are prepared.

It also has several rustic-style restaurants and an attractive wild lagoon where different particular species of the region live. It is a sanctuary of life of great importance for local biodiversity.

Its beautiful view is undoubtedly its main attraction | Photo: Beaches Mexico

Barra de Potosí offers several coastal treasures worth visiting, but perhaps the most interesting is Playa Larga, which has an extension of approximately 15 kilometers and a vast area full of palm trees.

Of course in Playa Larga, you will also find the aforementioned branches, where vacationers can drink cold beer and taste delicious food at very affordable prices.

It is also an unbeatable place for horse riding or romantic walks along the coast, while contemplating the vast horizon of the Pacific.

It is ideal for those who love and respect wild spaces and for those who like peace, tranquility, and corners away from the hustle and bustle characteristic of large cities.

Fishing is the main source of employment in Barra de Potosí | Photo: Beaches Mexico

In a certain sense, Barra de Potosí is a typical community of the Mexican province. It stands out for its environment of profuse nature and its beautiful bodies of water. It is not a destination that has large markets, discos or bars.

The best that can be found in Barra de Potosí are the inevitable bower on the beach, where visitors like to relax while watching the pelicans and seagulls fluttering, while resting in hammocks, drink refreshing drinks and taste succulent snacks.

No less interesting is the Laguna El Potosí, denomination that it has received from the locals.

When there is a full moon, it is very pleasant to rent a boat and stroll along the banks of this body of water while admiring the moon above and its bright glows in the calm waters.

The sunset is a beautiful spectacle | Photo: Beaches Mexico

There are two main beaches of Barra de Potosí: the aforementioned Long Beach, but also the lovely White Beach.

In the latter, you can also take horseback riding along the beach or practice beach volleyball in the company of friends.

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Barra de Potosí is one of those places that without having the fame of others like Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, is still an excellent holiday alternative for its many natural attractions.

It is a wonderful place that no traveler interested in knowing the best tourist sites of the Mexican territory can overlook.


  • The community of Barra de Potosí is the habitat of varied bird species and a valuable sanctuary of biodiversity that no affection for ecotourism and adventure tourism can be lost.
  • The mentioned lagoon, one of the natural jewels of this part of Guerrero, is about 8 kilometers long.
  • Small boats roam on its shores that offer visitors varied tours to take pictures of the local fauna and the spectacular surrounding landscapes.
  • It is a paradise for fish, seabirds and fans of alternative tourism, for its unique characteristics.


You can take the bus that goes to Petatlán and ask the driver to leave you at the entrance of Barra de Potosí passing Los Achotes. The Petatlán bus leaves the terminal at Calle Las Palmas in front of Banorte Bank on the main street of Zihuatanejo.

The tour takes approximately 30 minutes including stops for people to get on and off in different villages on the way to Barra de Potosí.

From the entrance to Barra de Potosí on Highway 200, you can take the transport that will take you to the main beach (pick-up truck adapted with benches) that pass approximately every 30 minutes.

This last route is partially paved and partially in dirt and should take approximately 15 minutes.

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