Invest in Mexican gold!


The world of investments has a wide range of options to put your money to work. La Casa de Moneda de Mexico offers alternatives to achieve this goal. One of them is to invest in the so-called “Mexican credits.”

“These assets are pieces made of gold, which retain or increase their value over time,” said Jorge Raygoza Echegaray, general director of Casa de Moneda de Mexico .

These pieces of an ounce of gold (31,103 grams) of 2.4 cm X 4.1 cm with the winged victory, feature the text “Independence and Freedom”, on the obverse and on the back CECA, it says Casa de Moneda de Mexico in PURE GOLD .999 1 OUNCE.

“Each piece has a unique serial number and a certificate that guarantees its authenticity,” says Casa de Moneda on its website.

The Mazatlan Post