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Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizárraga, also known as Banda MS, is a Mexican Banda from MazatlánSinaloa that was founded in 2003. The MS stands for Mazatlán, Sinaloa. It was created by brothers Sergio and Alberto Lizárraga, who are also members of the group

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The group sold out two Staples Center concerts and was recognized by the Los Angeles City Council for boosting Latino culture and identity in the US

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Little did they think that Mexicans in the United States were going to miss the opportunity to celebrate a Valentine’s Day with the MS Band?

Never! All locations were sold for their two nights at the Staples Center. Warm reception for Sergio Lizárraga in his debut at the home of Kobe Bryant, which began from the meet & greet with Walo and Alan, the vocalists, being masked by the countrymen until they went out to take their nerves, to look at each one of the compadres excited to have a little piece of Mexico, even for one night.

They opened with Better I walk away, and here it does not happen that some are better known than others, no, at least in the angel city they all knew each other, and those who suddenly forget to speak Spanish, because they practiced it with them.

Because it is a reality, the need to adapt to school and jobs pushes them to speak English most of the time, and their native language may deteriorate.

And here lies one of the main merits of band music, in addition to dignifying gender and eradicating its stigma linked to violence, it is the promotion of Mexican culture, the preservation of roots and the memory that there is an identity that You always have to exalt. Banda MS has it clear, and apparently, its audience too. On their big night, people drank what they wanted, forgot their “chambas” for a while and dedicated themselves to singing, dancing, falling in love, kissing their girlfriends or boyfriends; do the impossible to attract the looks of Alan and Walo, because it must be said, each has its charm with damsels.

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The two make them dream, and they corresponded with kisses thrown into the air or health. The expense, the effort they made to go to the show, the journey was already worth it, because they were not only listening to My reason for being and My greatest desire , they had also rained kisses in the air and greetings from the boys of the band.

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Walo paused. He greeted, paid tribute and gave a few words to Black Mamba, out of respect for stepping on the idol’s house and being surrounded by people who always supported him. “MVP!”, “MVP!”, “MVP!” Was heard. The videos with plays by Gigi, her daughter, and Kobe returned to the Staples.

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Before jumping on stage, the singer commented that they paid tribute for being fans of the sport, one they approached thanks to Larry Bird and his Boston Cetics, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, and, obviously, the now legend of the Lakers.

More came to the heart; for example, The color of your eyes , the cheesy moment to stand up, record, sing that special person’s ear and show that the dress, the suit, the elegance of the night, nothing more was to see the Band MS, but also for your lovers.

They were given recognition by Monitor Latino, for being the most popular Mexican band, and another for their two full nights in the building. Of course they took the opportunity to take the picture with the countrymen in the background.

Then an avalanche came to shake the laziness, championed by Peanuts, pistachios and El Mechón . If one has the little ball with his hand on the buckle, coming and going from left to right, there is no doubt what nationality it comes from. And last night it was clear.

There is also this rare habit of sitting while enjoying live music. There were those who were happy. Very respectable, and the best thing is that they didn’t bother if the people in front of them stopped dancing, because that’s what they went to the concert, there they decided to occupy the armchair.

The MS never has live guests, but now a duet was thrown with Los 2 de la S, a couple of composers, Omar and Jhonny, who look to put a face to his pen and they did it with We are who we are, such a visceral song which, they say, has made announcers cry the first time they hear it. Good luck kick for both sinaloenses.

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Another surprise, the MS brought several aces up its sleeve. Now with the Mariachi Sol de México, they threw themselves up to El rey , by José Alfredo Jiménez. One more piece of authentic Mexico in foreign territory.

The time has come to say goodbye with Maybe, My forgetfulness and The 24 . People did not want, asked for another; Alan and Walo too, did not want to disappoint their followers, they warmed their voices, and they followed, and they were nowhere to throw another round; however, it was no longer possible due to strict rules in American forums.

But if something was clear, is that Banda MS wanted to sing until the public asked. There was still one night to repeat the dose.

Mexican pride

Before their concert, Alan, Walo and Sergio Lizárraga went to the Los Angeles City Council to receive recognition that accredits them as one of the most popular bands in the world and representatives of the Latino culture and community in the United States.

All thanks to Councilor Gil Cedillo, third generation of Mexicans in the United States who, like Snoop Dogg and others, have fallen in love with the music of the MS Band.

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“It is a way to create bridges in times of walls,” said the official at a press conference. Cedillo explained that a classmate in law school assured him that the most popular in the genre are them.

“What they achieved, filling two Staples Center, is an important cultural phenomenon because it is a city of Mexicans, people who speak Spanish and want unity in the community, and the union of two cultures that coexist,” he added.

Cedillo did not want to politicize the event; however, he described President Donald Trump as “asshole” and showed his support for Bernie Sanders in his candidacy.

Walo, a singer of the MS, agreed that dark times are lived.

“It’s about doing positive things,” he said, “we are fighting for a genre that had been lost and turned negative, many people considered it violent music, which was not suitable for everyone.

“But what happens here, recognizes us that work with discipline, order, and passion, can bear fruit,” he said.

The representatives of the Mexican regional have just rowed against the flow of being linked to drug trafficking, this is what the dignity that the MS seeks for its movement, which unites and summons a large number of families in Mexico and the United States.

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In an interview, the boys say that these presentations by the United States will serve as a preamble to their debut at the Coachella festival, which will be held on two weekends in April in the desert of Indio, California.

“We have to go with a good razor,” Alan said, “we never thought that a Sinaloan band could reach those areas, and very committed so that the door is open for the genre,” Walo added.

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Banda MS left the door open for collaboration with Snoop Dogg, a fan of the Mexican regional, in Coachella, and said they will soon release more details on the subject they will record together.

In addition, they commented that their first collaboration with Carlos Rivera is about to be announced.

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