Sinaloa mango is recovering after Hurricane Willa


The damage that Hurricane Willa caused two years ago and that caused the necessary pruning of mango orchards, made these “rejuvenate” and today present good flowering that predicts a good season, said the president of the Municipal Committee number 15 of Escuinapa, Rogelio Padilla Salcedo.

Resultado de imagen de escuinapa mango

“Good flower season, hopefully, we will not get bad weather, weather, a frost, a wind so that the flower does not fall.

-The weather that has been entering these days has not affected them?

No, no, no, it has been very good, on the contrary, the weather we have right now is very good,” he said.

The farmer leader said that the trees are rested after a year of not having production as a result of the Hurricane Willa since it has an 80 percent flowering of all varieties that occur on almost 30 thousand hectares of mango established in The south of the state.

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