Mazatlan to allow skyscrapers to be built


Currently, there are areas where buildings cannot be more than 25 stories, but it is sought that in a part of the city the zoning be changed to allow higher buildings

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In Mazatlan, there are areas where it is not allowed to build buildings with more than 25 floors. However, the College of Architects of Mazatlan is proposing that in a part of the North Zone of the city the Land Use Coefficient (Cus) can be eliminated so that developers do not have a limit and can build skyscrapers.

“Right now the Implan has detected a polygon of action that is the Peche Rice, El Habal – Cerritos, of the train track and the area of ​​the international highway; all these spaces we as a College are proposing that the Land Use Coefficients be released, that the only roof we have and that the height be delimited by the financial ‘ceiling’ … that the limitations be the economic aspect ”, mentioned José de Jesús Reyes Machain, president of this school.

Resultado de imagen de skyscrapers in mexico"

The professional said that the current Urban Development Master Plan is obsolete and that is why Implan has been working on new guidelines.

Resultado de imagen de skyscrapers in mexico"

However, he stressed that in order to build large vertical developments it is important to carry out comprehensive planning of the city that includes aspects of infrastructure, public services, roads, urban image, among others.

Resultado de imagen de skyscrapers in mexico"

He added that near this place is a treatment plant and the Miravalles canal, which would come to pay in matters of public services.

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