Sinaloans see little autonomy of Mexico before the US on immigration issues


In a recent survey of Sinaloenses, various comments are observed regarding the current management of borders and the intervention of the National Guard

Sinaloa .- 95 percent of the people participating in a survey conducted recently by EL DEBATE believe that Mexico must identify and maintain control of people entering the southern border.

Likewise, about 70 percent believe that the National Guard’s immigration actions at the Mexican borders are very different from those carried out by the United States Migration Policy; and just over 60 percent of the shares think that, despite the actions taken by the Mexican Government to contain migration, it has not impacted the number of foreigners who cross borders in search of new opportunities for the United States.

At the same time, researchers consulted by EL DEBATE believe that these opinions are due to a reaction of distrust and fear on the part of the citizens in the presence of Central American migrants in our environment. 

The survey was applied to one hundred people in Culiacán and Los Mochis, through which citizens expressed their views regarding the position of the Mexican Government. 

Differences between migration policies

For the researcher Renato Pintor Sandoval and the dean Blas Valenzuela Camacho, both specialists in social sciences and migration issues, this is not strange, because there is a cultural rejection towards people who are noticed as different, also coupled with fear among the local population.

Blas Valenzuela observes that the same thing has happened historically in the case of Mexican migrants entering the United States: “ Their presence is seen as a threat and generates a reaction that in recent years has been expressed in the form of severe anti-immigrant laws in that country ”, unlike Mexico, where Renato Pintor regrets that there are few immigration laws formulated and that in this case Sinaloa is no exception, so little can be done in favor of migrants throughout the national territory, especially at the borders, if there are no clear immigration laws and policies. 

Information on the migratory phenomenon is missing

Valenzuela affirms that there is a lack of attention of the phenomenon by the authorities in the field of social communication, that informs the public about the characteristics of this flow, the difficult conditions in which these people are migrating and the reasons that have pushed them to this, since knowledge leads to empathy, and can contribute to improving perception and having a more fair and supportive vision towards migrants; that is, a more accurate opinion of the phenomenon.

Source: el debate

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