Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosí: a pilgrimage site for the Huichol and Catholic alike


Real de Catorce is a village in the central Mexican state of San Luis Potosí. Set on a desert plateau in the Sierra de Catorce range, it was a prosperous colonial silver mining hub.

Access to the village is via the long Ogarrio Tunnel, which passes through the surrounding peaks. The 18th-century Parish of the Immaculate Conception church houses the shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi, a popular pilgrimage site.

Once a thriving silver-mining town, Real de Catorce is now a ghost town in the desert of San Luis Potosí in north-central Mexico.

A pilgrimage site for the indigenous Huichol people and Catholics alike, it has a spiritual feel that attracts visitors.

And the fact that to get to the town you have to enter through a tunnel makes it even more enchanting.

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