Expat murdered inside her own house in downtown Merida Yucatan


The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) and the State Investigation Police (PEI) work together to clarify the murder of a French woman, who was murdered on Saturday, Jan. 25th, inside her own house in downtown Mérida.

It was reported that the woman died from multiple wounds she suffered from a knife.

Although it was initially said that it was the husband who killed her, there is another version that indicates that it was an assault.

One of the versions says that the husband, of Canadian origin, entered a nearby store and told the shopkeeper that the woman was dead. Since the Canadian was had stains of blood on his clothes, the employee called the police.

Police officers arrived at the house located on Calle 69th between 74 and 76, downtown Merida and found the woman’s body lying on a couch, full of blood. The husband never tried to run away, nor did he refuse to talk to the police.

The foreigner was detained by the agents and transferred to the SSP, where his alleged responsibility in the event would be determined.

The place was cordoned off by SSP agents. The Prosecutor’s Office was responsible for lifting the body. The name of the victim was not revealed by the local authorities.

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Canadian expat sent to psychiatric hospital after killing his wife in Merida

File image of the Merida Psychiatric Hospital, where a Canadian was sent who killed his French wife for exams

Police authorities turned to the Canadian Psychiatric Hospital that last Saturday killed his wife, of French origin, in a house in downtown Merida.

In the hospital, you will be tested to confirm if you have any mental illness that will lead you to commit the crime.

Then the State Attorney General’s Office will define your legal situation.

The homicide, as reported, occurred last Saturday in house number 580-E on 69th street between 74 and 76, in downtown Merida.

Agents of the Ministry of Public Security retained the Canadian while investigating his alleged involvement in the homicide.

Strangled and stab wound

Having data that can incriminate it, they made the foreigner available to the FGE on Saturday, an institution that does not yet turn it over to a control judge, since they sent him to the Psychiatric Hospital.

According to the autopsy, the woman died of mechanical suffocation from strangulation and received a knife wound.

Mérida Expat formally accused of femicide

 Finally, Canadian Jean Paul L., 76, was accused of femicide, as he allegedly murdered his 85-year-old wife, and remained more than 16 hours with the body, before telling his next-door neighbors of the facts.

Jean Paul L., who has been living in Mérida for 15 years, was presented before the first control judge, Antonio Bonilla Castañeda, who decreed the precautionary measure of preventive detention, so the accused will remain in the State Social Reintegration Center during the legal process.

The defense intended to get house arrest for the accused, because of his age he has that right, but Judge Bonilla Castañeda did not agree to the petition on the grounds that he does not suffer from any terminal illness.

The prosecutor charged him with the crime of femicide, on the grounds that it was a gender crime.

According to the official report, the events happened between 2:15 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 24, at the home where the couple lived in downtown Merida. It was said that the man first stabbed his wife on a sofa, in the house living room, and then hanged her with a cable. The Forensic Medical Service determined the cause of death was strangulation asphyxiation.

The prosecutor said that it was until Saturday, Jan. 25, shortly after 11 am, when the foreigner left the house with blood-stained clothes and told next-door neighbors that his wife had died.

Although the foreigner speaks Spanish, he had an English translator, which caused the audience to last for more than four hours.

The defendant reserved the right to render his statement on the facts that are imputed to him and requested the extension of the term so that his legal situation is resolved.

The control judge set the holding of the bonding hearing for Feb. 1st.

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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