Toyota Tacoma production moving to Mexico


Toyota is realigning production based on common architectures.

Toyota is amid a massive investment in its U.S. operations – $13 billion over five years through 2021. It’s spent half already – $7.1 billion – retooling plants, adding jobs, and moving models to new factories.

However, part of that realignment will see Toyota Tacoma production end in the U.S. in late-2021 at its San Antonio factory. That’ll put all Tacoma production in Mexico.

The change comes as Toyota refocuses its Texas plant production on full-size body-on-frame trucks and SUVs. The factory will continue to build the Toyota Tundra, and the Toyota Sequoia will replace Tacoma production sometime in 2022.

Last summer, Toyota announced another $391 million investment in the facility, which brings the company’s total investment in the property to $3 billion. Toyota currently builds the Sequoia at its Indiana plant, where the company will continue to assemble the Toyota Highlander, Highlander hybrid, and Toyota Sienna.

Toyota says the production changes better aligns its North American operations based on common architectures and platforms, and we hope the move of Sequoia production means a new generation is coming.

The current, second-generation Sequoia debuted for the 2008 model year with a refreshed version arriving for 2018.

A substantial update to Toyota’s largest SUV is needed as consumers continue to flock to trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. Thankfully, Toyota’s changes result in no job reductions at any of its facilities.

Source: Toyota