New Mazatlan General Hospital, is it coveniently located for patients?


The new Mazatlan General Hospital, has raised the following question Isn’t it a little bit too far from the city?”

Built in the area of ​​La Marina, or Nuevo Mazatlan, the hospital is way too far from the popular colonias where most of the patients will come from.

Old Mazatlan General Hospital in the Santa Elena neighborhood

The old building, in the Santa Elena neighborhood, lives its last days, as the state government announced that at the end of the month, the new hospital will start operations.

“We do not know how we are going to get there, how much will a taxi or pulmonía is going to charge us to go there? It´s way too far from my home,” said Mazatlan resident Rosa Angélica.

While Rogelio Rodríguez, explained that the biggest problem is the in case of an emergency, the transfer time will be longer.

“Many of us here from Colonia Juárez, Los Insurgentes, an ambulance will take at least 30 minutes to reach La Marina, and more if you find that the train is passing or that there is traffic, ”he said.

The Mazatlan Post