VisitMexico platform will be ready in February says Sectur


The long-awaited digital tourism promotion platform, VisitMexico, will finally be ready for the month of February, said Tourism Secretary Miguel Torruco Marqués.

When presenting the results of the tourist activity in 2019, and the actions to be undertaken this year, the official reiterated that VisitMexico will give visibility to all destinations in the country, and will rely on Google tools and social networks to boost tourism marketing and tourism. The arrival of more visitors to our country. 

The head of Sectur said that in 2019 the tourist activity exceeded the forecasts that were had of the previous year, in terms of the number of international tourists, it had been projected to receive 43 million 603 thousand, but everything indicates that this number will actually amount to 44 million 722 thousand, which will represent an increase of 8.3 percent over those that arrived in 2018.

He added that with respect to the amount of foreign exchange generated during this year by these travelers, an income of 23 thousand 683 million dollars had been foreseen, a figure that thanks to the good results obtained, will reach 24 thousand 816 million dollars, amount 10.2 percent higher than what was collected in the previous year.

Strategies for promotion in 2020

After the elimination of the Tourism Promotion Council (CPTM), the promotion of Mexico abroad will be carried out by the various embassies, so a series of programs will be delivered on a quarterly basis so that they can be sold and promoted.

An example is a route called the one hundred best destinations in Mexico, divided by states, regions and especially emphasizing which are the best seasons to visit them. These routes will also be focused according to the market they are targeting and what they are looking for in each country abroad to learn about Mexico.

Torruco also mentioned that by this 2020 there is already a floor right for participation in 13 international fairs:

  • FITUR – Madrid, Spain
  • NYTTS – New York, USA
  • Anato – Bogotá, Colombia
  • ITB – Berlin Germany
  • WTM LA – Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • IMEX FRANKFURT – Frankfurt, Germany
  • FIEXPO – Cartagena, Colombia
  • IMEX VEGAS – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • ABAV – Sao Paulo Brazil
  • TOP RESA – Paris, France
  • FIT Latin America – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • WTM – London, United Kingdom

Sectur gives to individuals the concession of the VisitMexico platform


As it did with the Mexico brand, the Secretary of Tourism (Sectur) yielded to the private initiative the development and commercialization of the VisitMexico platform as part of the tourism promotion and digitalization strategy of Mexico’s destinations.

The new platform was achieved without investing a single peso by the public treasury, thanks to the alliance with companies such as Google, Microsoft, Fox Sports, Grupo Posadas, among other important organizations in the sector, who under the shelter of the brand, owned by Sectur, will have the mission of creating a robust platform that in addition to spreading the attractions of Mexico to travelers, will be a working tool for entrepreneurs in the tourism industry.

The head of the agency, Miguel Torruco Marqués, commented that the VisitMexico page “completed its cycle, and now the new platform will be one of the promotion axes, together with the Tourism Diplomacy Council that works with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Operation Knock Doors. 

The president of VisitMexico, Marcos Achar, explained that the new platform is a completely new and inclusive development where the three levels of government will participate, the Private Initiative, and in addition, it will be self-financing.

It will have a micro site for each of the 32 states in the country, where you can work on a “personalized promotion”, exclusive content for travel agents, tour operators, among other companies in the sector, a training platform and a plan of digitization so that companies join the new technologies.

“VisitMexico will rely on the data generated by digital tools, to attract more international travelers and boost average spending per traveler.” According to Achar, in this way Mexico will enter the Top 10 of countries with the highest income from tourist currencies, ranking in which it currently ranks at position 16.  

It will be next September when the first advances of this robust platform are known, which will gradually incorporate the tools described to be fully realized in June 2020.

The dissemination of information from the states will be free for them, unless state and municipal governments want more visualization, in which case they should allocate part of their local resources for promotion. While companies are offered different participation packages at competitive prices, according to VisitMexico executives.

With more doubts than answers, but with the optimism of the business sector, the new tourism promotion and digitalization strategy of Mexico comes after the closure of the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico (CPTM) and having discarded the actions that had been developed by past administrations in tourism.

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