“Mexico is a disaster”: says the Archdiocese of AMLO government


The auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese Primada of the country said that there is a lack of guidance and that, during the current government, measures have been carried out that are “fundamentalisms under the pretext of democracy”

“Mexico is a disaster,” with this phrase the auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Mexico, Carlos Samaniego, began his sermon during the first Sunday Mass of 2020. According to Samaniego, the country currently lacks a leader to set the course. of institutions and are carried out measures that are ” fundamentalisms under the pretext of democracy.”

“ Mexico is a disaster, which refers to the lack of star. Disaster is not having a guide, an illusion, a dream. A star guides the sailor to have a good port, and there are times that we do not have in the families, in the institutions, that star that guides our steps, ”he said during the sermon of the eucarestía, held in the Basilica of Guadalupe.

The auxiliary bishop also criticized the government’s initiatives to decriminalize abortion, because according to him, women “like the king of Herod, seek to kill the child.” “There are institutions that are looking to kill children with the issue of abortion; there are families who want to kill the child” In addition, he said that a country that encourages this type of policy “has no future.”

Samaniego thus referred to criticize the Congress of the Union for promoting the decriminalization of abortion. This is despite the fact that it remains a virtually frozen issue in the country, where in most states the termination of pregnancy is still illegal.

(Photo: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)

This is not the first time that the Archdiocese of Mexico criticizes the administration headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador. In August of last year, he accused him of not showing a willingness to dialogue and determining the future of the country without due consensus.

“We cannot resign ourselves as individual citizens and less as an organized civil society to have a government that unilaterally and unipersonally handles the great problems of this country, ” he said in his editorial published in the religious weekly From the Faith.

On that occasion, he said that the only citizen participation was “freehand”, “in the middle of rallies byway”, when the public policies discussed should be based on “reasonable arguments and truly democratic mechanisms

Abortion: pending issue with AMLO

In this archive photo of March 8, 2019, a protester holds up a poster supporting the decriminalization of abortion during a feminist mobilization on International Women's Day in Mexico City (Photo: AP)
In this archive photo of March 8, 2019, a protester holds up a poster supporting the decriminalization of abortion during a feminist mobilization on International Women’s Day in Mexico City (Photo: AP)

The decriminalization of abortion remains a pending issue in Mexico. Few states have tried to join the impulses to guarantee the safety of women in this area, although every year, between 750 thousand and one million women perform clandestine abortions in the country.

In the middle of this debate, López Obrador has refused again and again to issue a clear position, under the argument of not wanting to “polarize” the population. Only on December 2, the president again said that from his government, the legalization of abortion “is not ruled out” but is not “promoted.” His phrase was an elusive response to the demand of thousands of women who demand a stop to the criminalization of those who decide to terminate their pregnancy.

“We prefer that they resolve it through dialogue, in the same society, that the government waits for agreements, we do not want to polarize with this issue, nothing is ruled out, nothing more not to promote it. Wait for the same society to decide on this issue, “López Obrador concluded last month.

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