Copala Sinaloa famous legends


* Betray the brides before entering the altar
* Would you dare to marry in Copala?

Copala, Concordia.- 71 kilometers east of Mazatlan is a colonial and mining town called Copala, located in the municipality of Concordia.
Copala has become a tourist attraction for hundreds of visitors for its colonial touch, cobbled streets and beautiful houses with a tile facade.
More than four hundred years after Copala was founded, it has been distinguished not only by its famous Banana Fair or its beautiful streets but by the history that the community hides.

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One of Copala’s most famous myths takes place in his San José temple, in which there is a miner-shaped figure just above the entrance to the enclosure, if a bride about to enter the Altar is spat at by the figure, she wants to say that she is not a lady (virgin) so she gives her away in front of the boyfriend.

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A legend that Copala’s housewives call “the devil spit on you” and they have it with grace and invite couples to try to get married in the community.
And you, would you get married in Copala?

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