40 surveillance cameras were shot during new years eve confirms SSPE


The events occurred in the early hours of January 1 in Mazatlan and Culiacán, police chief Cristóbal Castañeda revealed.

Organized crime received the New Year with bullets and among its targets were 40 video surveillance cameras from the municipalities of Mazatlan and Culiacán, lamented the Secretary of State Public Security, Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo.

The aggression against the teams total 22 in Mazatlan, located on Gabriel Leyva and Pedro Infante avenue, Libramiento 2 and México 15 international highway north, Libramiento 2 and Cristóbal Colón avenue, Insurgentes and Zeus, Gabriel Leyva and Pesqueira, mainly.

In Culiacán the report is available in 18 cameras on Pedro Infante Boulevard, La Conquista Boulevard, Carranza and Miguel Hidalgo on la 20 in Navolato.

“Perform a detailed review of what jobs are required to work, there are times that the impact of the bullet does not damage the camera as such,” he explained.

 Lieutenant Colonel Cristóbal Castañeda said they estimate 30 days to repair this equipment since some of them were damaged and others the optical fiber.

Source: linea directa

The Mazatlan Post