Tourist goes viral on TikTok for proving that a month in Mexico would cost the same as his rent in Seattle


All Ben Keenan wanted was a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

Normally, that would entail a stroll from his bed to the kitchen. But it wasn’t so simple in his temporary Mexico residence: For a month, he had to walk outside in the 95-degree heat, find a host to get seated and place an order with a waiter. It sounds like a major first-world problem, but Keenan said he missed a sense of “autonomy.”

At the time, Keenan was trying out a new lifestyle — living out of an all-inclusive luxury resort on the Yucatán Peninsula for 27 days. However, this wasn’t exactly a gluttonous getaway. The 31-year-old Seattle resident spent most of May at the Ocean Riviera Paradise Hotel to conduct a (sponsored) experiment he floated on social media.

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Source: The Washington Post

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