Netflix says goodbye to certain specific Smart TV models


Netflix says goodbye to several smart TVs in July. Here we give you the complete list of devices that will no longer be supported.

Starting in July 2024, many Netflix users will face an unexpected problem: the platform will no longer be compatible with several older television models. Find out if your device is on the list and what you can do about it.

Netflix has announced that it will stop supporting a number of older televisions, especially Sony models, due to technical and security limitations. This will affect thousands of users worldwide. Here we explain the details and the available alternatives.

Netflix, one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world, constantly updates its systems to offer a better experience to its users. However, these updates sometimes involve leaving behind compatibility with older devices that cannot support new technologies or security standards.

The company has confirmed that starting July 24, 2024, certain television models, mainly Sony brand manufactured around 2014, will no longer be able to access the Netflix application. Some of the specific models include:

W6 series: KDL-40W605B, KDL-48W605B, KDL-60W605B
W7 series: KDL-32W705B, KDL-32W706B
W8 series: KDL-42W805B, KDL-50W805B, KDL-55W805B
X9 Series: KD-55X9005B, KD-65X9005B, KD-79X9005B​

Reasons for discontinuation

The decision to discontinue support is due to technical limitations of these older devices, which cannot support Netflix’s new security and functionality updates. Affected TVs cannot handle the latest SSL security standards, which could put the integrity and security of the platform and its users at risk.