Blackouts affect more than 30 neighborhoods in Nuevo León


In some sectors, power outages last more than 18 hours, and in other neighborhoods up to two or three days.

After the blackouts recorded in several areas of the metropolitan area of Monterrey, ​​Nuevo León, more than 30 neighborhoods were left without electricity in recent days, without the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) having commented on the matter.

Although power outages have occurred, since the beginning of the week, in isolation in metropolitan sectors, this Thursday, June 6, these intensified in the municipalities of Guadalupe, Apodaca, and San Nicolás, in addition to Monterrey.

Even in some sectors, power outages last more than 18 hours, and in other neighborhoods up to two and three days.

Since last month, neighbors have reported the blackouts and the impact they have caused mainly on minors and older adults, such as the decomposition of food and medicines that require refrigeration.

This Thursday, residents of about 20 neighborhoods in Monterrey denounced, through social networks, the lack of energy and demanded that the CFE come with its work crews to solve the problem.

In Monterrey, some of the affected neighborhoods are Acueducto, Villa Sol, Colinas Mederos, Moreta, El Encino, Villas Moretta, Vista Alta, Cerezos de Laderas, El Barro, El Uro, La Noria, Los Pinos, Los Cristales, Cumbres, Valle Verde, San Jerónimo, Ancón del Huajuco and Vista Hermosa.

In San Nicolás de los Garza: Villas San Cristóbal, Residencial Santo Domingo, El Refugio Sector 2, Jardines del Mezquital and in Apodaca; Portal de Santa Rosa, Arbolada Sector 3 and Los Fresnos Sectors 4; as well as in Bosques del Seminario and Terranova, in Juárez.

Last week, a Monterrey radio group was left without electricity for more than 12 hours, so it worked with the power plant, although it could not satisfy the climate for the employees and had to work in high temperatures.

Source: OEM

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