Viral video “Do your thing, Mexico” by Doris Jocelyn surpassed 190 million views (VIDEO)


The video “Do your thing, Mexico” by Doris Jocelyn has just become the most viewed Mexican video in the history of the internet, surpassing the incredible figure of 190 million views. This achievement has not only been a milestone on social networks, but has enchanted people from all over the world, who have marveled at the richness of Mexican culture.

Doris Jocelyn, a 28-year-old content creator originally from Veracruz, has been the mastermind behind this viral phenomenon. With an innovative approach and great dedication, Jocelyn has managed to highlight the most iconic elements of Mexico through a series of outfits, makeup and settings that celebrate the country’s cultural identity.

@dorisjocelyn ✨🇲🇽 Muchísimas gracias por todo el apoyo y espero también estén orgullosos de todo el team, estoy segura que haremos muchísimas cosas increíbles para ustedes de ahora en adelante DEFINITIVAMENTE MI MÁXIMO PROYECTO. #TRENDMEXA #princesaazteca #transiciones #behindthescenes ♬ Silent Track 3 Minutes – Sleep Sounds

The video, which praises Mexican culture, includes a variety of representative elements such as t-shirts with catrines, wrestler masks, lying clothes, hats, and allusions to the lottery, as well as references to emblematic figures such as María Félix and the Virgin of Guadalupe. You can also see characterizations of catrines and catrinas, the Popocatépetl and pre-Hispanic elements, all accompanied by a careful musical selection that includes songs by Luis Miguel, Juan Gabriel, and Peso Pluma, among others.

The video creation process was intense and meticulous. Inspired by her previous success with the Asoka trend, Doris looked for something more ambitious for this project. She assembled a team of recording, editing and art experts, and spent three full days purchasing the necessary items. The work days were marathon, extending from 10:00 in the morning until 03:00 AM to ensure that every detail was perfect.

Source: MSN

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