Gasoline supply at risk in Tijuana due to blockade at Pemex plant


To avoid the suspension of supply, some gas station operators have been bringing fuel from Mexicali or Ensenada.

Tijuana is facing a new problem due to a blockade recently reported at a Pemex fuel plant, which has remained in this state since last Sunday, May 19.

According to the information shared so far, the plant in question is the one located in Playas de Rosarito, and due to the shortage the situation has caused, gas station operators warn that the gasoline supply is at risk.

Alejandro Borja, a gas station operator in Tijuana, recently explained that some gas stations would run out of their reserves on the night of this Tuesday, May 21, or at some point tomorrow, Wednesday, May 22.

To counteract this situation and avoid the suspension of supply, some people have opted to bring gasoline from Mexicali or Ensenada.

Let’s remember that this is the second time that activities at the Pemex plant have been suspended due to a protest by settlers in Maclovio Rojas over the last 2 months, who are requesting the intervention of the federal government and the state to regularize their lands.

It has been reported that on May 22, access and exits to the Port of Ensenada will be closed, while on May 23, a sit-in will be held at the Otay checkpoint, as well as an indefinite blockade of the free Tijuana-Tecate highway on the 24th.

Source: San Diego Red