One&Only Mandarina: The perfect venue for a family escape in the Riviera Nayarit


Located on an undiscovered stretch of the Riviera Nayarit coast in Mexico, One&Only Mandarina is a true natural paradise with views of the Pacific Ocean and a stunning beachfront rainforest setting.

This ultra-luxury resort extends across 33 hectares of virgin nature, just 45 minutes from Punta Mita, and offers an exceptional experience with a family atmosphere. With a variety of accommodations, adventures for all ages and an extensive KidsOnly Club, One&Only Mandarina is the ideal family retreat.

The resort’s villas, located atop a cliff in the middle of the rainforest, showcase contemporary, low-impact design and sustainable style.

Each villa is designed for indoor-outdoor living, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape and maximum privacy. From the two-bedroom Villa Banderas to the two-story Villa One, the resort’s exclusive villas offer luxurious spaces for families to relax and entertain.

In addition to its magnificent accommodations, One&Only Mandarina offers a variety of culinary experiences, water activities, and land adventures, as well as wellness and beauty with specialized programs for children of all ages and exceptional attention to detail, this resort is the perfect destination for families who seek to create unforgettable memories in a paradisiacal environment.

Kids Only Spaces

For little guests, KidsOnly with 3,900 square meters is a space where they immerse themselves in a world of wonder and education. Designed by Brigitte Broch, Academy Award-winning art director and production designer for Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet, it introduces children ages 7 to 11 to the magnificent rainforest through uninhibited exploration amidst the jungle. flora and fauna.

The adventure begins where a series of jungle treehouses connected by suspended bridges, slides, climbing walls, and wildlife trails offering a friendly landscape for imaginations to flourish.

KidsOnly features personalized experiences tailored to three age groups, a rotating weekly program of supervised activities that includes exploring the life cycle of insects, discovering nature on a scavenger hunt, creating art inspired by the local Huichol, or enjoying games and traditional indoor and outdoor sports with new friends.

The culinary wonder One&Only Mandarina offers an exceptional culinary experience that fuses Mexican traditions with gastronomic excellence. From Alma Restaurant, which features a variety of fresh, garden-to-plate dishes, to the relaxed Jetty Beach Club, where you can enjoy fresh seafood with views of the ocean, every dining corner of the resort offers a unique experience.

Additionally, Carao Restaurant, led by renowned Mexican chef Enrique Olvera, reinvents Mexican specialties with a modern twist and traditional culinary techniques, while exclusive children’s menus ensure that the whole family can enjoy delicious culinary options during their stay. true well-being To rediscover yourself, One&Only Spa, located in a natural garden surrounded by volcanic rocks, offers a unique wellness experience in the middle of the tropical jungle.

With six secluded treatment rooms surrounded by Fig trees, guests can immerse themselves in serenity and tranquility while enjoying indigenous traditions combined with high-quality organic products.

Additionally, the spa offers a specialized menu for teens, including treatments tailored to their age, such as the comforting Cucumber Eyes facial and the Magic Nails manicure and pedicure, perfect for those looking for an introduction to the world of wellness and beauty.

A unique experience At One&Only Mandarina, adventures both in the ocean and on dry land are within reach of the whole family. From the pier that extends more than 180 meters into the sea, guests can enjoy sea excursions, swimming, and rowing in a blue water cove unique in the region.

At the Jetty Beach Club, families can relax on lounge chairs under umbrellas in the sand or on beachside terraces, while beach beds offer a secluded retreat for spa treatments. In addition, the resort has two infinity pools with waterfalls, one of them suitable for children and adjacent to a sandbox.

Adventures on dry land include hikes to see ancient trees and endemic plant and bird species, as well as ecological scavenger hunts by mountain bike through the region’s beautiful landscape. For all of the above, One&Only Mandarina is quite an experience.

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