237 cases of intentional homicide were reported last weekend in Mexico


Last weekend, which began with the celebration of Mother’s Day, from May 10 to 12, a total of 237 cases of intentional homicide were reported in the country, according to the report of the Executive Secretariat of the National System of Public Security (SESNSP).

On this occasion, the State of Mexico ranked first in terms of lethal violence, with 28 people murdered; followed by Nuevo León with 20 cases, and Guanajuato, in third place, with 19 intentional homicides.

The report Victims reported for the crime of homicide (State Prosecutors and Federal Agencies) of the Secretariat reported that 17 murders were committed in Morelos during the weekend.

Chihuahua and Mexico City followed, each with 15 intentional homicides; Baja California with 13 cases, Jalisco with 12 people murdered; Puebla and Veracruz, each entity with 11 cases; Oaxaca and Sonora, each with 10 homicides.

During the weekend, 9 murders were committed in Tabasco, 8 in Tamaulipas, 7 in Quintana Roo, and 6 in Colima.

The report from the Executive Secretariat established that in the first 12 days of this month, 917 intentional homicides have been committed in the country, for a daily average of 76.4 cases.

Source: OEM

Monterrey Daily Post