The State of the Casino Industry in Mexico


When it comes to markets in the casino industry, one usually thinks of the big ones. They might refer to the UK, the US, and even Canada. However, Mexico is another market full of potential. There are lots of people enjoying various sorts of casino games online and offline. They contribute to the market and attract local and offshore casino brands.

To top it off, Mexico also contributes to the casino industry by offering some elite establishments where players can enjoy excellent games, food, drinks, and even a live performance or two. With instances like these, it’s safe to say that the casino industry in Mexico is booming.

Current Casino Trends

Mexicans prefer all sorts of games in their free time. When it comes to casino games, they can enjoy the best casino online Mexico can offer. All they need to do is log into their accounts after they’ve created them. Once they do so, they can enjoy the many casino games on offer. In other words, they can go for slots, table games, and even live casino titles. Specialty games might also be part of the mix. They can couple the games with some nice promotions. In addition to having fun, they can enjoy the games safely on a platform that comes with 24/7 customer support and the proper security tools.

When they’re online, Mexican casino fans enjoy different types of casino games. Various data shows that the majority of Mexican casino players like playing online slots, but also fancy table games. The slot game selection at any online casino platform is kept fresh with new titles.

Table games are classic casino games that never go out of fashion. Mexicans enjoy playing blackjack and poker when it comes to table games. Roulette is their favorite live casino game. When they pick slots, they go for the games that reflect Mexican culture.

Market Potential

As mentioned above, Mexico is a market with staggering potential. Various industries turn to the country in search of talent. For example, the US tech industry has frequently turned to its neighbor in search of skilled IT workers. The iGaming industry has found a growing number of clients in Mexico, as well as a suitable market to expand in.

Back in 2016, the online gaming market was valued at $2 billion. The casino market’s value jumped to $10 million the next year. Various agencies looked at just how much Mexican casino fans spend on gaming, and the result was a whopping $1.84 million in 2019. On top of that, that year the casino market was valued at $2.18 billion. The evaluation only encompassed domestic casino providers.

2022 was another good year of casino gaming in Mexico. It stayed ahead of Chile and Argentina, and was pretty close to Brazil, as the estimated value of the market was $1.2 billion. With many positive indicators so far, it was evident that the market value was going to continue to grow. Throughout 2023, the market was growing by 13.1%. Certain agencies are expecting the Mexican market to grow by an additional 19.69% by 2028.

Legal Status of Real-Money Gaming in Mexico

By now, you would have guessed that online gaming is legal in Mexico. A brief historical overview will tell you exactly how it happened. In 1947, the Mexican government laid the foundation for the legal framework with the Federal Gaming and Raffles Law. The regulatory body to enforce the law was also established and the market got SEGOB.

The next big revision of the law was done in 2004. Since then, the legal framework has applied to online gaming operators. According to that revision, anyone looking to operate the market will need a license from the Mexican government. In 2007 the law was amended again to include online sports betting. 2012 saw the addition of standards that ensure fairness, security, and proper operation. An additional change was made in 2014.

The addition of the law compelled Internet service providers to block unauthorized sites. With casino-friendly legislation and the proper body to ensure every operator plays by the rules, Mexico will continue to grow as a casino market.

Final Words

With the data presented in this article, it’s clear that Mexico shows great potential as a market. Operators have the necessary legislation to operate in the country, and an avid fan base looking to enjoy some quality titles.

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