Beyond GPS: Exploring Alternative Technologies for Phone Number Location Tracking


It’s hard to imagine how our grandparents could move around the city without GPS. Or how they could live without knowing where their beloved people were. It’s different these days. Imagine you let your kids go to someone’s party and can not reach them to learn where they are. It doesn’t seem realistic to us because, with modern technologies, we feel we can know everything about anyone.

There are many well-known ways to see the whereabouts of our kids, partners, or family members. But thanks to location number trackers, finding someone on the map has become as easy as pie. In this article, we will learn about the alternatives to the widely-known GPS tracking technologies and how they go beyond our general notion of what location tracking is.

The Known Ways to Check Locations

What do you do when you want to see someone’s location? We bet you’ve heard of at least one method described below. So, let’s look at the most known options to track someone’s location.

Sharing Location on Google Maps

This method is for those who don’t want to overthink and look for free tracking opportunities. To see where others are going and which places they visit, ensure they have your Gmail address in their Google contacts. They should open Google Maps, find your profile, and share their location with you. The targeted person, whether a kid or your spouse, should do it by themselves. Otherwise, you may need to have one-time physical access to their gadgets, the perspective of which does not seem attractive. Moreover, they will get a notification that their location is shared.

Installing Spying Software

Using tracking software is a completely different level. However, it also requires more effort and responsibility. You might need to access the targeted phone to install the tracking app. The process can be challenging, and the targeted person may notice the differences in their device operation after the program is installed, although it is a rare case since they work in stealth mode. Phone trackers are commonly used as parental controls, and it is deemed legal to keep an eye on your underaged kids, depending on the jurisdiction. Some examples of phone trackers are uMobix, SpyBubble, OverWatch, etc.

Using Alternative Phone Number Location Trackers

One of the best options to see someone’s location is to use a reliable and trusted location number tracker. They do not require any physical access to the device you want to keep watch on. They will also allow you to find your kid’s or partner’s GPS coordinates in a few clicks by having only their phone number. Some examples of phone trackers by number are and Moreover, they offer a free trial.

Phone Number Location Tracker: What Will You Get? 

What would be your main criteria when choosing a cell phone number location tracker? You would like it to be as simple and fast as possible. Moreover, you may need to track someone’s moves anonymously. Sometimes, kids are too stubborn to let you take care of them and may not like the idea of being monitored. And here is where such a tracker can become a real game changer.

You don’t need to worry anymore about the safety of your beloved one – whether their taxi is heading in the right direction, or they are going to meet their friends in another city. Or if you want to have peace of mind and ensure your spouse is not a cheater, monitoring a cell phone location can be a decent solution. So, let’s see what the location number tracker is capable of.

  1. You will get a real-time monitoring solution that will work on all kinds of phone models and operating systems;
  2. The location tracker by phone number requires minimum information to operate – knowing only the targeted phone number will let you see their GPS coordinates;
  3. You will access their location even if the location services are turned off on their devices;
  4. You will send the tracking link using any messenger without installing or downloading any tracking software.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Location Number Tracker?

As with any other tracking method, a location tracker by phone number has its good and bad sides, and it’s essential to be aware of them. Please be aware that even though such a tracker can be helpful in many circumstances, it does not guarantee complete safety and can only help prevent a dangerous situation that your offspring or an elderly family member could get into.


  • Quick and accurate updates on the targeted person’s movements;
  • It does not require installation or any access to the chosen phones;
  • Works on all phone models in every part of the world;
  • It works anonymously if there is a need not to be revealed;
  • Easy-to-navigate user space where you can see all the data;
  • It helps prevent incidents and harmful situations.


  • Someone can also monitor you, and you may not know that as the tracker is hidden;
  • It can cause safety issues if used inappropriately by strangers.


Before you decide to find a tool that will help you locate the phone number of your kid, partner, or friend, ensure you choose a reliable and efficient location tracker. We recommend getting closely familiar with its functionalities, features, or working principles. 

Don’t take the safety of the closest people frivolously and dedicate some time to studying alternative technologies for phone number location tracking. You may find something more advanced, trusted, and non-intrusive, and we hope this article will help you choose the best option for you.