Registration for the car auction in La Paz is about to close


Next Thursday, October 19 at 12 noon, registration will close to participate in the car auction organized by the La Paz City Council.

Jorge Pavel Castro Ríos, general secretary of the La Paz City Council announced “we are very happy that next Thursday at 12 noon the registration for positions that is currently open will close and anyone can come to the Treasury and make some legal position on any of the vehicles that are announced, which are 47 individually and in total 483 vehicles.”

He added that there are 12 lots that range from 30 to 40 vehicles each lot and the rest are individually that will be auctioned so that people can purchase them with a value of over 15 thousand pesos valued by the College of Baja Appraisers. Californias Sur “so far there is a registration of 15 people to participate and more registrations are expected in the next few days.”

“There are 440 vehicles in 12 lots that are destined for recycling because they are not in good condition and the other more than 40 vehicles will be auctioned individually. They are adaptable, they can be fixed, they can run, their engine works, the tires are useful, there are some that, for example, have a 2014 CRV that is crashed, and it will be up to everyone to see if they take it to the body shop.”

“Most of the cars have new tires, new rims, they were outdoors for a long time, so they have paint details and so on, but inside some of them are fine,” so he invited the population to participate in that public auction. “That was carried out legally from the tax code through the administrative code of execution and it is the first time that it has been made transparent like this.”

Previously, the municipal president of La Paz, Milena Quiroga, had announced that the auction of the vehicles will represent an approximate income of 3 million 551 thousand pesos for the municipal treasury of the La Paz City Council, a resource that will be used to enable the space of the municipal corralón with lighting and other arrangements in addition to freeing up 50% of the tow yard spaces.

Source: El Sudcaliforniano