SAT surprises taxpayers with this data about their RFC


The Tax Administration Service reminded all people interested in obtaining their RFC of the requirements that must be met to achieve it.

The Tax Administration Service or also known as (SAT) is the financial entity in charge of collecting and administering the taxes charged by the State to people and companies that have formal income within the entire national territory; It is worth mentioning that this service works completely independently of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), however it must report its movements to the Ministry of Finance.

It should also be noted that the only objective for which the SAT was created is for this State financial service to apply tax and customs legislation policies so that both natural persons and legal entities contribute proportionally to public spending.

It is mainly for this reason that when you begin to work formally under the Social Security Law, you must register with the Tax Administration Service, since because you will begin to report income, you must at the same time contribute, as already stated.

In that sense, the SAT itself launched an important notice for all people interested in processing their RFC, and that is that depending on what type of person you belong to, the documents and requirements are different, which is why below we share with you the message sent by the SAT.

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) announced that in the period between January and July of this year, 167,207 taxpayers were registered each month. This means an increase when compared to the same period last year when 62,503 individuals registered to obtain their Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC).

With this, it can be said that cumulatively there are one million 403 thousand 583 individuals who request their RFC until July 2023, the SAT highlighted in a statement.

SAT requires this data to process the RFC

In case you want to register in the Federal Taxpayer Registry or better known as (RFC), below we share with you the necessary requirements to register in the SAT, whether you are a natural or legal person.

In the case of natural persons, these are the requirements to process the RFC:


     Proof of address no older than four months.

     Current official identification of the taxpayer or legal representative.

     Acknowledgment of pre-registration in the RFC, if the application was initiated through the   SAT Portal.

For all people who intend to process their RFC but belong to legal entities, these are the requirements:

     Proof of address no older than four months.

     Power of attorney in case of legal representation, certifying the personality of the legal representative (certified copy), or power of attorney signed before two witnesses and the signatures ratified before the tax authorities or before a notary public (original).

     Valid and original official identification of the legal representative.

     Constitutive document or protocolized minutes that must contain explicitly and in writing the valid RFC key of each of the partners, shareholders or associates and other persons, whatever the name by which they are designated, in the original.

     Written statement containing the valid RFC codes of the partners, shareholders or associates and other persons, whatever the name by which they are designated, in case they are not found within the constituent document, in the original.

     Acknowledgment of pre-registration in the RFC, in the case of having initiated the application through the SAT Portal

Source: La Silla Rota