Mastering Custom Shopify Plus Development: Unleashing its Potential


As your e-commerce business grows, you begin to encounter unique challenges. Your current e-commerce platform may struggle to handle increased traffic, system performance may dwindle, and catering to various markets can become a daunting task.

This is where custom Shopify Plus development steps in as your enterprise-level solution. With a myriad of benefits, from extensive customization to seamless feature integration and automation, Shopify Plus is designed to support your business in its upward trajectory.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the ins and outs of Shopify Plus, its distinctive features, core benefits, and why companies like GymShark, BuzzFeed News, and Kylie Cosmetics are leveraging its capabilities.

Why Should Businesses Consider Custom Shopify Plus Development?

Shopify Plus might not be the best fit for startups just venturing into the e-commerce world due to its higher cost. However, if you’re an established player with a loyal customer base and a stable revenue stream, investing in Shopify Plus is a strategic move towards further growth.

The following types of businesses can significantly benefit from Shopify Plus:

  • Enterprise-level businesses
  • B2B companies
  • High-growth merchants (fashion, beauty, electronics, etc.)
  • Luxury brands (fashion, cars, jewelry)

These businesses can leverage Shopify Plus to enjoy high-performance e-commerce platform capabilities, personalized design, and cross-team platform management, catering to the needs of thousands of customers worldwide.

Unleashing the Potential: Key Benefits of Shopify Plus

Customizing a high-traffic e-commerce store shouldn’t be a daunting task, and with Shopify Plus, it isn’t. This platform understands that customization and localization are the keys to success in the international market.

Embracing Design Flexibility and Customization

First impressions matter, and the look and performance of your website play a crucial role in customer retention. Shopify Plus offers a broad selection of free and paid themes. Unlike standard Shopify, Shopify Plus allows you to modify these themes using CSS or JavaScript.

Additionally, Shopify Plus enables you to tailor your checkout page, adjust its look, and add functionality like one-click checkout, coupon/code field, and other marketing tools. You can even perform A/B testing to determine which theme resonates best with your target audience.

Keep in mind, that for more in-depth customization, you’ll need to hire a reputable Shopify Plus agency, such as DigitalSuits, to navigate the platform’s limitations and integrate unique features.

API Integration and Access to Script Editor

Shopify Plus isn’t just about managing themes — it’s also about feature customization. Shopify Plus stands out with its unique ability to run custom codes without relying on third-party tools. It also offers greater control over promotions, special offers, and discounts for specific customers.

Moreover, with API integration, you can effortlessly add various plugins and tools to your infrastructure. This allows you to personalize the customer experience and manage your e-commerce business with ease.

Seamless Cross-Platform Selling

Managing sales across multiple platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Pinterest can be challenging. However, Shopify Plus simplifies cross-platform selling by allowing backend management of different accounts on the same platform. This approach offers greater management control and opportunities for in-depth cross-platform analytics and adjustments.

Optimized Traffic Processing

During peak seasons or high-traffic days, your ecommerce traffic can surge exponentially. Shopify Plus provides unlimited bandwidth to handle sudden traffic increases and offers a tool called Shopify Plus Launchpad for real-time traffic management from a single panel.

Workflow Automation with Shopify Flow

Shopify Plus introduces a feature called Shopify Flow for automating routine and repetitive activities. This feature offers pre-built workflow scripts and the option to create your own, thus streamlining complex operational processes and providing your analytic teams with valuable data.

Enhanced Wholesale Management

Shopify Plus allows you to operate your wholesale store from a dedicated account equipped with features tailored for B2B businesses.

Digging Deeper: Exclusive Features of Shopify Plus

Upgrading to Shopify Plus unlocks a suite of exclusive features designed to cater to the needs of high-growth businesses.

  • API resources: Shopify API resources are available in specific Shopify plans, but Shopify Plus members have access to unique features.
  • Shopify organization admin: This option allows managing the stores from a single location in an organizational-wide mode.
  • Specialized apps and channels: These features were specifically designed for high-growth channels.
  • Customizable checkout: With the checkout liquid design file, you can create a branded checkout page.
  • Launch team support: Shopify Plus members are assigned a launch support team that assists with set-up, migration, online launch, and strategy.
  • Unlimited staff accounts: With Shopify Plus, you’ll have unlimited staff accounts.

Shopify Plus Pricing

Shopify Plus starts at $2,000/mo annually. The final price depends on your average sales volume, type of products and location, and your business model.

Popular Brands that Use Shopify Plus

Several global brands leverage the benefits of Shopify Plus. Here are a few examples:

  • GymShark: This sports apparel and accessories company uses Shopify Plus to support its international business processes.
  • BuzzFeed News: This online news division of BuzzFeed uses Shopify Plus for its customized theme and design solution.
  • Kylie Cosmetics: This brand uses Shopify Plus for its centralized management and customized marketing campaigns.

Leveraging Custom Shopify Plus Development with DigitalSuits

DigitalSuits is a Shopify Plus agency that simplifies the process of migrating or launching an e-commerce platform. With a proven track record and flexible collaboration models, DigitalSuits is your go-to partner for unlocking the full potential of Shopify Plus.

Final Thoughts

Switching to a more powerful e-commerce platform like Shopify Plus can help you remain a top player in your industry. With its extensive features and benefits, Shopify Plus allows you to focus on scaling your business, not solving technical issues. However, to fully leverage its capabilities, you need professional setup and customization — and that’s where DigitalSuits comes in.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Shopify Plus have disadvantages?

While Shopify Plus offers numerous benefits, it does have a few drawbacks. Its high upfront cost can be a barrier for many startups and small-to-medium businesses. Also, Shopify Plus does not allow listing specific products like virtual or downloadable products, and it has SKU quantity limits, which can be inconvenient for marketplaces with large catalogs.

2. What is the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

Shopify and Shopify Plus differ in their functionality, feature set, and cost. Shopify Plus is more suitable for enterprise-level businesses with complex level-based management, while standard Shopify plans are tailored for startups and SMBs.

3. What are the Shopify Plus benefits for B2B?

Shopify Plus is an excellent choice for wholesale B2B businesses as it allows the company to distribute management responsibilities across teams and enable level-based access and permissions.

4. How to understand when I should upgrade to Shopify Plus?

You should consider upgrading to Shopify Plus if your existing platform cannot handle traffic spikes or if you plan to expand overseas. Shopify Plus provides the tools to handle inventory management, shopping, banking, currency exchange, support, and returns.

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