Illegal ads in Los Cabos removed 


In order to preserve visual harmony and comply with the guidelines established by the XIV Administration, through the Urban Image Coordination team in Cabo San Lucas, work is being done to regularize the advertisements of any business and printed material of eventual activities; This was announced by the head of the agency, David Chávez Contreras, who mentioned that from January to date, more than 5,000 businesses have been regulated in the delegation’s geography. 

Likewise, the Urban Image coordinator indicated that they have currently had a very good response from merchants, since complying with the specifications for advertisements is a requirement that is requested for the endorsement of the operating license of any business line; In the case of eventual advertising, he pointed out that there is a greater complication since the public is unaware of the regulations surrounding said activity. 

In this sense, the public servant urged the community to approach the agency and prevent such situations from affecting their commercial activity: “what persists the most is the accumulation of garbage, for this reason we invite merchants to heed the call of the authorities, we as a government body give a period of 4 days at the end of the event, after which inspectors come to remove said advertising, “he said. 

It is worth mentioning that in the case of fixed denominative advertisements, the representatives of the company are requested not to exceed 5% of the front of the premises. If this happens, an extension is granted to regularize it; for announcements of events of any kind, it must not exceed 6 square meters since a greater proportion is considered a spectacular announcement according to the regulation of the dependency, in the case of banners that are placed on light poles or structures, the maximum measurement is 80 centimeters wide by 1.20 high. 

On the other hand, David Chávez Contreras explained that the requirements for endorsement of the Urban Image approval are: copy of the previous license, no property tax owed, proof of fiscal situation, official identification of the legal representative in case there is none, copy of the deeds, if it is a physical person, copy of the INE, panoramic photos of the commercial premises where the ad can be seen, measurements of the same and the front, location sketch by hand or screenshot of Google Maps. 

In the case of an advertisement license, an original and a copy of an open letter addressed to the director of the Municipal Urban Image Hugo Ubín Méndez Pérez, a copy of the previous operating license, for individuals, a copy of the Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC), official identification , for a legal entity, a copy of the Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC) card, constitutive act, document proving the representation of the legal entity, property tax payment receipt, location sketch of the property, panoramic photograph of the front where the advertisement will be, lease contract sealed before the Catastro, in case of renting the premises, letter of authorization for placement of advertisement and proof of official number. 

For eventual announcement the requirements are: copy and original of open writing addressed to the director of Municipal Urban Image Hugo Ubín Méndez Pérez, location, quantity, duration, design, materials, dimensions, colors; for an individual, proof of updated tax situation, copy of the INE, for a legal entity tax status certificate, articles of incorporation, document proving legal representation, copy of the operating license, location sketch of the property and color image with measurements. 

To conclude, the Urban Image coordinator in Cabo San Lucas added that they are open Monday through Friday from 08:00 in the morning to 03:00 in the afternoon, and that they are located in the Urban Development Coordination at one side of the H. Fire Department in the downtown area, on Camino Real Street. 

Source: Colectivo Pericu