Mexicana de Aviación will be a regional, low-cost airline with new aircraft 


New Horizons: Mexicana de Aviación is preparing to take off in December and will be a regional airline (for now), low-cost, with new planes.  

The Mexican aeronautical scene is waiting for the formal announcement about Mexicana de Aviación, the emblematic state airline. It is expected that, next week, both the reinvention of the brand and the routes scheduled to start operations in December will be detailed. 

Characteristics and Focus of the New Airline 

Mexicana de Aviación, under a military business structure, is redirected towards the regional market with a low-cost approach. Miguel Torruco, federal tourism secretary, shared his vision during the first festival of Magic Towns of the Sea of Cortez. “It is going to be a great, regional, low-cost airline and, above all, with new aircraft,” Torruco said in a meeting with the press. 

Overcoming Obstacles and Looking to the Future 

The acquisition of the Mexicana de Aviación brand, along with certain real estate assets, has managed to overcome legal challenges. With this underway, a dispersion of around 816 million pesos is estimated for the benefit of the airline’s employees, divided into two payments. Torruco pointed out that, apart from brand new aircraft, the airline seeks to promote tourist destinations neglected by other companies. 

How will the Mexican chess pieces move? 

The authorities have not detailed which equipment will be operated, although initially, it was presumed to be the Airbus A320; however, and as this panorama is being prepared, they will need planes with regional objectives, to understand destinations where an Airbus A320 cannot enter (Land and take off), such as the Lázaro Cárdenas Airport, for example, a route served at the time by the extinct Aeromar and which was operated with ATR regional aircraft. Perhaps a combination of these aircraft is interesting to compete and serve the portfolio of destinations. 

Source: Transporter