Halle Bailey complained to Disney for taking her to Mexico to promote the movie “The Little Mermaid” 


The live-action movie The Little Mermaid has not yet been released and is full of controversy every day. 

Despite having more than 2.5 million dislikes on the official trailer and having great negativity in the community, The Little Mermaid movie continues to bring more news full of controversies. It is already hoped that the film will not be a one-for-one retelling of the 1989 original. Recently, Disney faced backlash from fans over the design of Sebastian and Flounder in the film. 

When the designs of Flounder and Sebastian came to light, the fans were enraged since these two characters have damaged them for this live-action, in the animated film they have a very important role. Jacob Tremblay, voice actor of the character “Flounder,” defended the controversial change to Flounder’s design. 

The movie “The Little Mermaid” causes another great controversy because his sisters are of different ethnicities 

According to the newspaper El Universal, the actress Halle Bailey complained to Disney after the tour she had in Mexico where she was promoting the movie “The Little Mermaid”. The actress was upset by the racist comment she received on a television program, she also asked not to be part of programs where the interviewers do not have the necessary preparation before the interview. 

This was what they published in the newspaper: “They tell us that the American actress complained about the interviews she had in Mexico, this derived from the one that the TV Azteca host conducted for her, because what was meant to be a compliment ended up as a racist comment. The young woman questioned why she had been brought to Mexico and she asked not to be exposed to this type of situation again before people that she was not sufficiently prepared. The representatives of Disney in Mexico, of course, almost had a heart attack with what happened.” 

Director of the movie “The Little Mermaid” changed the lyrics of “Kiss the Girl” because Ariel cannot be kissed without her permission 

This is really disrespectful to the fans of Mexico, since they are not to blame for what happened to the presenter. For his part, the presenter defended himself and regretted that people are calling him racist, when all he wanted to do was congratulate actress Halle Bailey for her participation in The Little Mermaid. 

Source: Gamers RD