AMBER ALERT: Jorge Hazael could be the victim of a crime in Zacatecas


Jorge Hazael was last seen on Tuesday, May 30th, in Zacatecas. Because of this situation, the State Attorney’s Office activated the Amber Alert to search for him.

The Zacatecas State Attorney General’s Office activated the Amber Alert to find the whereabouts of Jorge Hazael Otero Reza, a 14-year-old teenager who was last seen on May 30 in the Miguel Auza municipality, in the Zacatecas state.

The State Prosecutor’s Office activated the search file for him on June 5. So far, his whereabouts are unknown and they consider that he could be a victim of crime.

According to the data issued in the search form, Jorge Hazael has straight, dark brown hair, and dark brown eye color, is 1.62 m tall, and weighs 50 kg.

Source: OEM

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