Executions, recruitment and forced displacement on the southern border of Chiapas


Permissibility of the Mexican State of serious human rights violations

The municipality of Frontera Comalapa, Chiapas, lives a deep crisis derived from the spiral of violence that has been experienced in this region and these days have intensified, violated the right to life and personal integrity of communities and peoples, according to the territorial dispute of armed groups belonging to crime under the sponsorship and observance of municipal, state and federal governments.

According to information that has reached this Center for Human Rights, it is extremely serious and difficult to give the context of violence, however confidential sources refer us to the following:

On May 25, armed attacks were presented where the civilian population has been affected, directly, where people have been killed according to crossfire.

On May 26, during the funeral of a woman, who had been killed in crossfire, a group of heavily armed men shot at the people, events that occurred towards the community of New Independence (La Juejarío), municipality of Frontera Comalapa. Similarly at the height of the town of Chamik, located on the Comalapa – La Trinitaria road, armed groups closed the road and burned vehicles. From these events dozens of people moved out from their homes.

During May 27, blockades were recorded at the points of 3 Maravillas, Pacayalito (Nuevo Amatenango), in the diversion of New Mexico, Santa Rita, Paso Hondo and Chamic. A caravan of artillery vehicles and those known as monsters could be observed, who make surveillance tours on rural roads and streets.

The presence of the State through military institutions is identified in the territories where these facts are being raised. In the town of El Jocote there is an detachment of the Mexican Army. In the highway section Paso Hondo – Comalapa border, a National Guard detachment is established. In the municipality of Chicomuselo, there is the largest barracks of the Mexican Army in Chiapas. Testimonies refer that in front of these institutions the caravans of vehicles are passing by transporting heavily armed people.

The last 4 days the violence in the municipality increased alarmingly. Young people from various communities were forced into crime; They refer to at least three thousand people were displaced from their communities, looking for provisional shelters, and others have been taking refuge in the mountains or a safe place; Thus they also inform us that many families remain in their homes without being able to leave, they are locked up by the extreme terror they are living. This has been reached under the mechanics of complicity and abandonment of the Mexican government.

The action of these armed groups are harmful, several of them difficult to repair, there are damages and impacts that we could be call war scenarios, which have prolonged in months, days, without being addressed to change this reality, that is why we remained the Mexican State to fulfills its obligations and responsibilities in human rights, these are the essence for citizens to live in conditions where all the rights that are part of the social pact that we have as a country are respected.

Source: Fray Bartolome de las Casas Centro de Derechos Humanos