Canadian arrested in San Miguel de Allende after allegedly harassing 2 women


San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.- An alleged Canadian citizen was detained by Public Security officers after being pointed out on social networks as a stalker. Apparently, he had been stalking two women who work in the downtown area for several days.


The arrest occurred after the Emergency Call Service Center received a 911 report about a man bothering passers-by in the downtown area.

The C4 Operations Center activated an alert for the San Miguel de Allende Municipal Police , and despite not locating the suspect in the reported area, a search operation was started based on the man’s description, and he was finally located on Calle Ancha in San Antonio

According to the report, the man was found while disturbing public order, so the police agents acted in accordance with the protocols and detained the suspect to make him available to the Municipal Civic Court.

Aggressive behavior by this person was reported both by the municipal authority and by civilians on different social networks.

The SSC invited citizens to file the corresponding complaints with the Guanajuato State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) in case they had been victims of this alleged perpetrator.

More than one person on social networks has said that the detainee had threatened them in one way or another. 

While he was being arrested, the man told the officers that they would regret it because he was a Canadian citizen, according to the report.

Source: AM

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