Xalapa vs Huatulco, what is the best destination for rafting?


Veracruz and Oaxaca have the options of whitewater rafting, but which of these two destinations offers the level of adrenaline you need to have fun?

Among the outdoor activities that attract a segment of travelers who like extreme sports is rafting, which is the descent in a raft -without a motor- through mighty and raging rivers, which generates an adrenaline level that It will surely free you from all the stress accumulated in the week, so here we will tell you the characteristics of the rivers of Xalapa in Veracruz and Huatulco in Oaxaca so that you can choose between these two places where to escape next weekend.

Veracruz, in the area of the Gulf of Mexico, is characterized by the variety of its landscapes because, in addition to the rivers for rafting, it also has its beautiful beaches and waterfalls, or its mountain routes, the Magical Towns and, without a doubt, the coffee routes that make this a very complete state to satisfy all tastes; However, Oaxaca is another treasure of the Mexican Republic, of which its rich gastronomy, the impressive natural pool in Hierve el Agua, its archaeological zones and of course, the Huatulco Bays stand out.

Rapids in Xalapa

To go rafting in Xalapa, Veracruz, you can get to know the Filobobos and Actopan rivers, of course the best season to do this activity is in the rainy season since the level of the rivers rises and makes the experience more exciting, therefore, it is between June and November are the months in which we recommend going to the Xalapa rapids. If you are a beginner in this extreme sport -because it requires the ability to navigate the hectic descents and the use of oars- the Filobobos river is the best option since they are considered level 2 and 3, which means that the level of the current is moderate to mild.

In the Actopan river you can make descents both during the day and at night; In the morning, the current of the water is perfect for releasing stress and will require a greater physical condition, while at night, the flow is calmer and the sounds of the local fauna will make this tour something spectacular, together with the fireflies that will illuminate your path. Very close to Xalapa you can move to Jalcomulco, another municipality that is known for its rivers for rafting.

Rafting in Huatulco

If, on the other hand, you choose Huatulco, in Oaxaca, the ideal place is the Copalitas River. There are different starting points for the descent down the Copalitas River; It can be from “La Ceiba”, the “La Hamaca” bridge or for the more experienced and adventurous, there is the Alemania section, whose river has a level of 4 to 5 since the slopes and the river canyon make it more spectacular.

The route that leaves the bridge “La Hamaca” has as its destination the paradisiacal beach “La Bocana”, which is part of the Bahías de Huatulco, which is the exact point where the Copalitas River flows into the Pacific Ocean; Here you can do level 3 and 4 river descents, the first is moderate and the second is more difficult and will obviously require more strength in your arms and a taste for strong emotions.

Source: Escapadah