Friends of AMLO’s son are linked to Selgamex mega fraud


A member of the network of business friends of Andrés “Andy” López Beltrán, son of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is being investigated in the Segalmex case, reveals an investigation by Mexicans against Corruption and Impunity ( MCCI ).

MCCI  identified that  Hugo Buentello Carbonell, linked to this network, participated as deputy director of operations at  Liconsa and from that position signed a contract for 86 million pesos for the supply of 50,000 bags of powdered milk for which there is no evidence of its delivery.

It also signed a million-dollar award to ILAS, a multinational that in 2019 was accused by the Financial Intelligence Unit of participating in a money laundering scheme by sending food to Venezuela.

As revealed by Latinus, Buentello Carbonell is a shareholder of  Industrias Wohl, owner of the street furniture brand “Grava y Arena”, street furniture that was installed in different works carried out during the current six-year term by the Mexican Federal government, including the Malecón de Villahermosa, whose supervision -as MCCI reported at the time – is in charge of  Alejandro Castro Jiménez Labora, also a close friend of Andy López Beltrán.

Buentello and Alejandro Castro not only have in common being Andy’s friends and collaborating in Villahermosa’s work; In addition, both are furniture designers and their respective companies share an address in a residence on Alejandro Dumas Street, in Polanco.

MCCI  also detected that  José María Espinoza Pablos  (indicated by Latinus as part of Andy’s network) collaborated in 2020 as a supervisor at Sedatu to prepare the plans and architectural design of the Malecón de Villahermosa, work that was later assigned to a company himself for his supervision.

In 2022, he received a third contract to supervise the work of the Malecón in the city of Tabasco, in conjunction with Organismo Promotor Logístico SA de CV, a company in which – according to Latinus – Carlos Buentello Carbonell, brother of the former Liconsa official, is an administrator.

Source: Latinus

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