Topics for an Opinion Essay| Choosing the Best Ones


Looking for topics for an opinion essay? Here, you’ll be enlightened on how to pick the best ones. You’ll also get sample topics and ideas for inspiration.

Topics for an Opinion Essay: A Complete Guide

At a personal level, you already have a stance on different societal issues. It could be what you believe about climate change, same-sex marriages, the raging debate on artificial intelligence, or economic development, among other issues. Your stance on these issues is what is called your opinion.

College students are expected to write opinion essays. In such pieces, you express your opinion on a given topic. You’re supposed to back your opinion with irrefutable facts, strong evidence, and relevant examples. While at it, you should acknowledge opposing views on the issue while respectfully explaining why you feel your point of view is the best – readers can decide to agree/disagree with you.

What Are Opinion Essay Topics?

Opinion essay topics entail exploring various issues and expressing your opinion about them. Thus, you can have an opinion on any subject. However, you should ensure the subject you write about is a serious issue in the community. You can write on topics such as gun control laws, how they affect society or social media, and their effects on youths.

How to Write Opinion Essay Topics?

Just like in other types of academic writing, your professor won’t issue a random grade. Your essay should meet specific standards. Examples of what instructors look at when grading opinion articles include:

  • The comprehensiveness of the content
  • Organization of the paper
  • The language you use

Some college students struggle with writing opinion essays. Sometimes, they don’t know how to pick appropriate opinion essay topics. Others don’t know how to organize their papers. What does it take to address opinion essay topics properly? Follow the guidelines below.

Understand the Prompt

Some students dive right into the writing stage without comprehending the prompt. If you do this, you’re likely to overlook some instructions. The first step to accurately address opinion essay topics is to read the prompt carefully. Take note of the keywords used in the prompt that determine the type of content to include in your paper. You should read the prompt more than once to ensure you comprehend what is expected of you.

The instructions that come with the prompt are also crucial. They determine the structure and the overall outlook of your paper. The specific guidelines you should note include the resources you’re allowed to use, the formatting style, and the outline of your paper. Adhere to all the guidelines to attain a top grade.

Plan on How to Handle the Paper

At this point, you already know the magnitude of the task at hand. It’s now time to create an elaborate plan on how to work on the paper. Split the writing process into research, writing, editing, and proofreading. Allocate enough time for all the activities.

How does having an elaborate plan help? You don’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of work you’re supposed to complete. Besides, you can address the opinion essay topic exhaustively.

Obtain Content for Your Opinion Piece

The quality of the content you present will determine how the instructor feels while reading your paper. So your essay should be comprehensive, like one written by experts from A comprehensive article increases your chances of scoring high marks. So, you should research extensively to obtain adequate content for your paper.

Begin your research by reading your lecture notes on the topic. Then proceed to your college library for books discussing the subject. Credible online sources can also offer great insight into the issue at hand. Remember, you should back your personal opinion with facts.

Take short notes as you research. After you complete your research, it’s time to assess the content you’ve obtained. Determine what should be in your final essay and what you should leave out. Moreover, you should determine how your arguments should follow each other in advance.

Write the Best Content on Opinion Essay Topics

It’s now time to write your essay like professional writers do. The first part of your paper is the introductory paragraph. Grab your readers’ attention by asking an intriguing question, presenting an intriguing statistic, or stating a startling fact. After you give adequate background information, finish this paragraph with a clear thesis statement – it is the position you intend to defend in the paper.

The next section of your paper is the body – it’s here that you now explain your stance on the issue at hand. For every body paragraph, write a clear topic sentence. Present facts, statistics, and other pieces of evidence to show the instructor that you understand what you’re writing about. Discuss one idea per paragraph.

Finally, write the conclusion paragraph. In this section, you restate your thesis statement and review the essay content without sounding repetitive. You then leave the reader with the final thought on the issue without introducing new ideas.

Refine Your Paper to Perfection

You may be tempted to hand in your opinion piece without proofreading it. If you do, you will submit it with mistakes. Editing and proofreading are important steps when writing opinion paper topics.

Begin by reading the whole paper to ensure the content is relevant to the topic. Confirm that you’ve also followed all the instructions. You should work on word choice, punctuation, and sentence structure. Proofread the pieces on history opinion essay topics before submission.

How to Select the Best Opinion Essay Topic?

Sometimes, the professor would allow you to select opinion essay topics you’re comfortable with. While it may seem advantageous, it’s also a challenging task because you might not know which topic is the best. For instance, you may be unsure whether to pick a topic on the educational system or social media. A good opinion essay topic is engaging, relevant, and interesting – just like what you get with the best writing service.

How should you settle on essay topics and ideas? The secret is focusing on issues you like. That way, you’ll be motivated to write an excellent piece. You’ll also find it easy to complete the article since you’ll write about something you’re familiar with. Alternatively, pick opinion essay topics concerning trending issues.

A List of Opinion Essay Topics

Writing an opinion essay begins with picking an engaging topic. Check out these awesome opinion essay topics to consider:

  • The world is not yet ready for electric automobiles
  • Video games should be banned
  • Technological development has destroyed social interactions
  • Climate change is not an urgent problem
  • Education is no longer as valuable as it used to be
  • Social media is detrimental to society
  • Sanctions are unethical

Opinion Essay Topics for High School Students

Want to compose a high school opinion article but don’t know what subject matter to discuss? Check these best opinion essay topics:

  • The world should embrace electric cars
  • Social media contributes to low self-esteem
  • Security cameras infringe on people’s privacy
  • The world is losing the war against global warming
  • Minors should be allowed to vote
  • Non-alcoholic drinks are more dangerous than alcoholic drinks
  • Ways for eliminating corruption

Some Great Examples of Opinion Essay Questions

An intriguing article makes you stand out and attracts impressive scores. But how do you attain it? By developing a captivating opinion question. Here’re some questions you can use to formulate public opinion essay topics:

  • Should government control religious practices?
  • How can the USA deal with the problem of police brutality?
  • Does owning firearms improve safety?
  • Is solar power the silver bullet when dealing with climate change?
  • Should developing countries embrace GMOs to deal with the problem of food insecurity?
  • Are zoos unethical?

A Few Examples of Opinion Essay Ideas

Good ideas result in outstanding opinion essay topics. Check out these ideas for engaging opinion essay topics:

  • Why the recreational use of cannabis should be stopped
  • How to deal with the problem of water pollution
  • How digital advancements strengthen personal relationships
  • How celebrities impact political campaigns
  • Should Instagram and TikTok influencers be trusted


Composing a quality opinion article shouldn’t be difficult for you. Begin with understanding the prompt and choosing an interesting opinion essay topic. Research extensively to gather sufficient evidence to back your opinion. After drafting the paper, edit and proofread it to ensure it meets the expected standards for professional writers.

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