Are you a Banorte client? Pay attention to what is happening


The bank has launched an alert to its users to warn them of what scammers are doing to steal personal data and later money

Unrecognized charges are one of the most frequent problems faced by credit or debit card users. In this regard, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF) has alerted the population not to be fooled by the different modalities that are being implemented to commit fraud.

Users of Banorte and in general from other banks have alerted the CONDUSEF about the “modus operandi” of people who are dedicated to obtaining personal data through telephone calls to clients of banking institutions to commit fraud with their accounts.

This new way of acting by fraudsters begins when they contact the client’s cell phone, posing as personnel from the “Alert System”, later they tell the user that an Unrecognized Charge was detected in their account and that their Card has probably been cloned; immediately afterwards they mention the need to verify your data in the Unrecognized Movements area and they may even ask you to uninstall your bank app.

Banorte Warning

If you receive a call from “your bank” where they inform you of purchases that you have not made and to cancel them they ask you to uninstall your app and provide some of the following information:

User or password of your Digital Banking.

PIN of your Card

Security codes (CWV of your card,

Token, code to activate mobile banking etc.)

IT IS A FRAUD! Banorte warned.

Banorte reminded its users that it will NOT call to request this information, so you should never share confidential data with anyone or otherwise: “you will be giving access to your money”.

Unrecognized charges

If you come to present a similar situation, the Condusef tells you what to do:

Keep calm. Call your financial institution; Report charges you don’t recognize and cancel your card, so you’ll prevent criminals from carrying out other operations.

Submit your complaint to the Specialized Unit (UNE) of your Bank, where they will give you a request for clarification, it may even be through their internet portal.

The Bank is obliged to give you an acknowledgment of receipt of the request, with a page, date and time of receipt. (Keep it)

Generally, 48 hours after your claim, the financial institution must pay you the resources corresponding to the unrecognized charge. However, the Bank will continue with its investigation, which may take up to 45 days.

There is also the possibility of reversing the payment if it is shown that you or one of your additional cardholders authorized the purchase or operation.

If after 45 days the institution does not give you an opinion, it means that your claim proceeded.

Remember: the bank will not be able to charge you default interest generated by the non-payment of the claimed charge or report you to the Credit Bureau.

Source: La Silla Rota