These are the soft drinks that PROFECO will withdraw from the market


The brands must comply with what is established by the Mexican regulations regarding labeling, said the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (PROFECO).

The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (PROFECO) announced that it will withdraw some soft drink brands from the market, due to non-compliance, mainly in terms of labeling.

This was announced by the head of the institution, Ricardo Sheffield, who in an interview with the newspaper El Universal advanced some of the conclusions of the study carried out by PROFECO on 46 soft drinks and whose complete results will be published in the May edition. of the Consumer Magazine.

Of the 46 soft drinks analyzed by PROFECO laboratory, 15 were without calories, one low in calories, as well as 8 with added sugars and 22 that have sugars with non-caloric sweeteners.

From the analysis carried out, the agency determined to withdraw some brands, as long as they do not comply with the provisions of the Mexican standard.

Among the reasons for the withdrawal of soft drinks and sugary drinks, the false declaration that they contain juice, or that they present false legends or misleading slogans stands out.

The soft drinks that will be withdrawn are Sidral Aga, Jarritos, Kas Naranja, Free life, Lacroix, Sisi, among others.

In the case of Sidral Aga, the technicians from the Attorney General’s Office detected that it only contains 1% apple juice, when its label declares 20%.

Regarding Jarritos, the study showed that it is the soft drink with the highest sweetener and not precisely sugar but high fructose corn syrup, which suppresses the feeling of satiety. In addition, the historic slogan that has accompanied them for decades (How good they are!) is not susceptible to verification, so it cannot be used.

Thus, Kas Naranja declares that it has an “intense citrus flavor”, which could not be verified either; in the case of Free life, it contains the legends “with natural extract” and “100% natural”, which could not be proven either.

About the Lacroix soft drink, its information is written in English, which contravenes the Mexican labeling regulations. Sisi does not state the content of the acesulfame k sweetener exactly.

Other soft drinks that do not comply with the norm and that were voluntarily withdrawn from the market are Jumex Naranjada Frutzzo, Ameyal and Zing Naranja, which declare a higher content than what they really have, above the tolerance limits of the norm.

Sheffield pointed out that colas do not contain preservatives because their acidity level kills “any bugs.” In addition, he recalled that “it is not very healthy” to drink soft drinks, much less for children because excessive consumption can cause damage to health.

In addition, PROFECO warns that soft drinks that should not be consumed daily are Barrilitos in their two-liter presentation, because they contain high fructose syrup; Chaparritas in its 250 ml presentation, as it contains invert sugar syrup and Señorial sangria, which also contains high fructose syrup.

Source: Aristegui Noticias