Man caught on video shooting a defenseless dog in Guadalajara


A video went viral on social networks where a man could be observed shooting a dog that was hiding among aluminum objects inside some kind of a warehouse in a market in Guadalajara, Jalisco. After the gunshot, the canine can be heard crying and moments later, other market tenants took the dog to a vet, but the animal died upon arrival.

The event occurred on the afternoon of Friday, April 21 at the Mercado de Láminas, which is located next to the San Jacinto Park in Guadalajara. According to witnesses, the animal was taking care of his puppies when the subject was identified as Juan Manuel “N”, who is a local merchant.

A market tenant stated that it is common for people to abandon their pets near the market, however, it is the first time that a violent episode occurred against one of the animals that roam the place.

David Galviz, another worker in the area, was the one who took the dog to the vet, where they told him that she apparently had puppies even though they couldn’t find them in the market.

After these events and through a statement, Guadalajara Animal Control reported that they went to the veterinarian where the dog was treated and protected the corpse, in addition, the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office reported that it opened investigation folder 29809/2023 against whoever turns out to be responsible for the crime of animal abuse.

Source: TV Azteca

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