Zacatecas Folkloric Ballet will represent Mexico in Colombia


Francisco Javier Uribe Rojas, director of the Zacatecas Folkloric Ballet, reported that from April 2 to 4, the group made up of 32 members, will be at the Tingambato Fair and Tianguis Artesanal in Michoacán, where they will bring the wealth of Zacatecas folklore.

As part of the offer, the dancers will share dances and polkas from Villa González Ortega, after an arduous investigation to locate the folklore of that region; in this proposal, they will integrate melodies and ballroom dances from the time of Porfirio Díaz.

In addition, they will debut costumes as marked by that time, where crinolines, umbrellas, feathers, and gloves shone. This is coupled with the program of traditional dances such as Mexicapan and hacienda.

Uribe Rojas highlighted the activities that will take place in the coming days, within the framework of the Zacatecas Cultural Festival, with a performance on April 14 at the IMSS Theater, and within the Fresnillo Cultural Festival on April 9.

He highlighted the importance of projecting local talent in other countries, so one of their international tours will be for the month of November, where Mexico will be represented, with sounds from Jalisco, sounds from Nochistlán, and typical dances from Zacatecas at the International Folklore Festival in Colombia.

It should be noted that the Ballet Folklorico de Zacatecas 2023 celebrates 33 years of uninterrupted activity, so it is expected to hold a national dance festival, coordinated by the same group, which will bring proposals from groups to invite such as Yucatán, State of Mexico and Sinaloa.

Source: OEM

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