Puebla-style Tacos Árabes a gastronomic delicacy you must try (VIDEO)


The taco is deceptively simple by reputation: tortilla, filling, and perhaps some garnishes or salsa on top. But the reality is that so much goes into the preparation for the myriad fillings of the ubiquitous taco that to dismiss this handheld meal as no more than street food is a huge disservice.

Mexican food is a UNESCO-designated cultural treasure, and in the taco category, these vessels of masa, meat, or meat-like proteins and spice are widely varied.

Have ever tried Mexican-Arab Tacos?

The Tacos Árabes is one distinct dish that showcases the culinary connection between the Middle East and Mexico the taco árabes, which utilizes flavorful slices of pork (a departure from halal-friendly proteins of the Arab/Muslim-majority region) from a trompo or spit.

The marinated pork is then stuffed into a pillowy, pita-like flour tortilla.

Source: Youtube

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