Chapa de Mota, a picturesque little town hidden in the State of Mexico


In the State of Mexico there is a mysterious horizon. One that nature has dyed with impressive red, orange and brown tones that encourage locals and strangers alike to contemplate it, while the first rays of the sun touch its cobblestones. Chapa de Mota is one of the 125 municipalities that make up the State of Mexico, here we share all the information you need to get to know this wonderful place.

A unique town of Otomi origin in the State of Mexico

Regarding the origin of the peculiar name of this town, historical records say that the word Chapa (chiapa) comes from Nahuatl. It is made up of the term “chia” (the seed) and “atl”, which means water; that is to say, Chiapa means “in the chia river”. For its part, the name Mota comes from the Spanish conquistador Jerónimo Ruiz de la Mota, who received this town under his watch.

The beautiful rocky mounds majestically adjoin a mirror of water in which the strange rock formations that stealthily watch over the passing of the years are reflected, along with the pine trees that rise around them.

The unique charm of Chapa de Mota

Chapa de Mota is a picturesque town with great tourist attractions. In addition, it has an unparalleled culinary ancestral wealth. Delicacies such as pulque, mole de güilo and lamb barbecue stand out, as well as Pancita and authentic white bread made by the Otomí ethnic group with pulque yeast. All this without counting a wide range of Mexican snacks.

For its part, the artisan branch that prevails is textiles. Among the local products made with rudimentary techniques such as the waist loom you can find: the quexquemetl, the chincuete, the girdles, ribbons, among others. Likewise, they also embroider tablecloths with representative figures of the Otomí ethnic group, and not only that, because they also make the ixtle ayate, a derivative of vegetable fibers obtained from the maguey.

What to do in Chapa de Mota?

In addition to its reddish rock formations that seem to be a place from another planet, Chapa de Mota enjoys multiple scenarios that will take your breath away. From dams and lakes to forests and fascinating architectural constructions. These are some activities that you can do in this picturesque town:

  • Walking through the town is something that cannot be missed. Fall in love with its streets surrounded by mystical rocks and mysterious mounds. In addition, very close is Bio Parque Estrella, where there are a large number of attractions and activities to do.
  • Surprise yourself in Mexico Chiquito. An area of Chapa de Mota that concentrates the geological diversity of the country in a spectacular small space.
  • See the great parish of “San Miguel Arcángel”. This was built in the 16th century by the Franciscans, inside is the baptismal font carved with Otomi ancestral motifs made in a single piece from a monolith.
  • Visit the Astronomical Observatory on Las Ánimas hill, built in the 1980s. It has three telescopes and is ideal for enjoying a starry night.

And for the more adventurous

Discover the Peñas del Taido (located 8 kilometers from Chapa, southeast of the municipal park) is a wonderful point of interest for lovers of history and ancestral cosmogony. You should know that the traditional new fire ceremony was held here, which represented the search for balance and order in the universe. These formations are surprising due to their shape and location, defying gravity and the wind, since they are barely supported by a few small rocks.

Find the Macavaca caves, which today have become outer walls of the mountain, due to erosion, saltpeter, and humidity, where it is possible to admire their cave paintings.

Dive into their damm. One is “El Quince”, a place surrounded by vegetation and crystalline water that comes from the springs of the wooded area of this municipality. And the other, “La Concha”, is surrounded by mountains and large wooded areas.

Marvel at the forest and the San Rafael river. Its waterfalls with crystalline waters are a delight for the Easter holidays. In fact, the “Las Cascadas” ecotourism park has cabins, a restaurant, a campsite, a multipurpose room and some swimming pools. Also right away from this park you will find the trout restaurant “Las lajas” a very country place to enjoy.

Source: Escapadas