Intel and Conalep merge to train Mexican students


Intel and Mexico’s National College of Technical Professional Education (CONALEP) signed a national collaboration agreement that will strengthen the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence career through curricular design, development of teaching materials, and training of teaching staff.

This agreement was signed at the CONALEP national offices by Santiago Cardona, general director of Intel for Latin America, Manuel de Jesús Espino, general director of the educational institution, who was accompanied by Iraís Barreto Canales, head of the Global Economic Intelligence Unit of the Secretariat of Economy.

The new alliance will allow ten state schools of this Higher Secondary Education system to begin the implementation of the Intel AI For Youth program (“Artificial Intelligence for Youth”) in the states of Nuevo León, Jalisco, and Querétaro.

The new program will provide the institution with the necessary resources -at no cost- for the curricular design focused on AI and machine learning processes, which will benefit approximately 25,000 students in the next three years, to reach up to 50,000 in subsequent years.

Through this program, students are expected to learn technical skills such as computer vision, computer language processing, and statistical data, as well as skills such as the ethical use of this technology and the development of solutions aimed at generating a positive impact on society.

“Artificial Intelligence is considered the new electricity, and at Intel, we are committed to building collaboration bridges with the public sector to promote the training of highly specialized talent in this technology. This collaboration with CONALEP, an institution of the Ministry of Public Education, and the Ministry of Economy is sowing the best opportunities for employability, economic growth, and social development in countries like Mexico. Betting on the education of tomorrow’s leaders will always be the right decision,” said Santiago Cardona, general director of Intel Latin America.

As part of this collaboration, the call for Mexico to participate in the global innovation competition with Artificial Intelligence, the Intel AI Global Impact Festival, will also be launched with CONALEP, where students and teachers from all over the world have access to talks, micro-courses and training in AI and project competitions. For more information about this festival, visit

It should be noted that, since April 2022, Intel and the Ministry of Economy have joined forces with the aim of promoting Mexico’s leadership as a pole of innovation in the region and strengthening the growth of highly specialized local talent, thus reinforcing its role in the complex global semiconductor supply chain. As part of this effort, it is a priority to develop a technological learning system that provides the necessary resources and skills for the future.

Intel reiterates its commitment to continue empowering the next generations by adding Mexico to the list of more than 25 countries that have already deployed the AI For Youth program, focused on training young people in AI with specific skills, tools, and opportunities for the responsible and innovative use of this technology.

To date, the program has impacted more than 4 million students and teachers and it is expected to reach the global goal of more than 30 million students at 30,000 institutions in 30 countries.

Source: Boletin.MX

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