Passenger bus overturned on the Mexico-Pirámides highway, injured were taken by helicopter to hospital


The accident occurred this Saturday afternoon, in the direction of the Teotihuacán Pyramids; a woman had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter due to the seriousness of her injuries

This Saturday afternoon there was an accident on the Mexico-Piramides highway, in the State of Mexico. According to information released by N+, a passenger bus, with the economic number 10349, which was heading to the Tulancingo area, left the road and overturned. Victims of the accident declared that they had to climb out of the bus windows to get to safety.

So far, 15 people have been injured.

A woman who was seriously injured had to be airlifted to a hospital. In addition, another man and the bus driver, who was taken to a hospital by ambulance, were also severely injured.

One of the injured stated that the driver of the vehicle apparently fell asleep, and that was what caused it to get out of the road.

The vehicle was completely turned over, and stopped thanks to a tree that supported it. Due to the landing of a Jaguar helicopter from the municipality of Ecatepec, to take an injured woman, over 60 years old, to the hospital quickly due to the severity of her injuries, the highway was closed, however, a lane has already been opened.

Another of the victims stated that she only felt when the bus was turning, she saw flying glass and a lot of dust. The bus was heading towards Tulancingo.

The incident occurred at kilometer 6+340 of Mexico City, from the center of the country to the Pyramids area.

Source: Infobae