FBI criticized for not being able to solve Shanquella Robinson’s case


More than four months after the death of Shanquella Robinson, a 25-year-old Charlotte, N.C., woman who died under mysterious circumstances while on a trip with six friends to Mexico, lawyers for the family have accused the FBI of not doing enough to arrest a suspect in the case, despite a bevy of mounting evidence.

“The FBI’s response in the current case demonstrates that the U.S. authorities and the federal police agencies are not doing all that they could do in Shanquella’s case,” attorney Sue-Ann Robinson (who has no relation to the family) told Yahoo News.

“There seems to be no activity on behalf of Shanquella,” attorney Ben Crump added.

Robinson and Crump, who together represent the family, say the federal agency’s response to four Americans kidnapped in Mexico last week and its subsequent fervor to solve the case, including a $50,000 reward offering, is evidence of protocol in place that isn’t being followed in the same way for Shanquella Robinson.

“Obviously they know how to have that high level of intervention with the appropriate Mexican authorities because they did it immediately [for the recently kidnapped Americans],” attorney Robinson said. “Our clients are very understanding of the level of complication in a transnational criminal case. But there’s a protocol, so why isn’t the protocol being used?”

Source: AP

The Mexico City Post