Oh my gosh! The owner of this 50-peso bill with the axolotl is asking 7 million for it


No joke! The owner of this bill thinks he can get a fortune out of it and asks for an exuberant amount of money, so take a good look, because there are bills that are very valuable

The new 50 peso bills that have an axolotl printed on them are now almost hard to see, as many people kept them among their possessions due to how adorable they are, so now it is very difficult to see a bill of this nature circulate so easily. But this is not something new, since collectors have always shown interest in coins and banknotes depending on their serial number and these tend to rise a lot in value.

In recent days, the 50-peso bill that has an axolotl printed on it has gone viral on social networks and now they are asking up to 7 million for the lucky person who wants this priceless piece that has already become a relic for collectors, because it counts with a detail that makes it very special, we will explain below.

The 50-peso bill that has an axolotl printed on it belongs to the G Family of Banco de México banknotes, it can be delivered for an amount of seven million, which is a much higher value than its denomination. But how is this possible if it is paper money that continues to circulate among Mexicans?

The reason why this happens is because this banknote in question has a strange serial number, since, according to the owner, it has a triplet of 7 on the folio, this has been classified as a numeral of luck. It has been through Mercado Libre that a user requests this amount because he knows that it could be valuable to some collectors.

It should be noted that the serial number is very important when delivering much larger sums to the denomination of banknotes, since the pages begin with the letters AA or AB, these are much more valuable, since they were not put into circulation, therefore, the paper should be in perfect condition.

Source: Soynomada