15 foreign businesses that do not yet exist in Mexico, get to know them!


From a van specialized in bringing the best craft beers around the city, to a car wash for bicycles or a service to end disposable plastics in restaurants, look at these foreign businesses that could do very well in Mexico.

1. A van carrying the best craft beer in the city

In a Volkswagen Combi van, the entrepreneur Yuichiro Nakamura intends to bring the best craft beers produced in Japan to all corners of Tokyo. Passionate about beer, with a unique style, and excited about meeting people and having fun, Yuichiro dreams of being the missing piece in the craft beer industry.

2. A car wash service for bicycles

Capitalizing on the growth of the cycling industry at an international level, CycleWash was born, the first project that seeks to offer urban cyclists the possibility of washing their bikes in a few minutes. It is a machine with patented technology, which claims to be the most compact and economical alternative to give any bicycle a deep cleaning for only 10 Euros.

Since its launch in 2106, CycleWash machines have performed more than a million services in its different stations located in parking lots, stadiums, gas stations, universities and tourist spots in more than 15 cities in Germany, Austria, France, Norway and Finland.

3. A nutritious catering service for offices

FELFEL, is a gastronomic project that was born with the mission of eliminating bad and boring food from workspaces. His service consists of placing one or several refrigerators inside the affiliated offices. In them, users will find meals and snacks ready to enjoy, as well as a wide variety of drinks such as fresh juices, natural waters, and teas.

4. A subscription that makes life easier for women during their period

Through Period’s subscription boxes, affiliated women will receive a monthly kit with personal hygiene products. Currently, this startup offers 3 types of subscription: Map, Medium and Long. The difference between each of the subscriptions is the number of products.

The Map subscription consists of 12 tampons sent every 4 months, while the Medium option includes 16 tampons sent every 3 months. Finally, the Long subscription offers 24 tampons that will arrive at your home every 2 months. Obviously, before choosing your subscription, you will have to take a short quiz that will help you choose the best alternative according to your period of menstruation and type of flow.

5. A business dedicated to recycling beauty salon trash

Handle’s team is in charge of collecting empty packages from beauty salons, before they reach the city dumps. Later, it sorts those materials and works with different recycling plants that help them process the waste and turn it into moldable matter to create totally new products such as: razors, mirrors, combs, and toothbrushes.

6. The service that wants to end disposable plastics in restaurants

Bûmerang is a project that seeks to end, forever, disposable plastics in the restaurant industry. Through the Bûmerang app, users can check which restaurants are affiliated with this returnable bowls scheme and order from them. Once they finish their meals, they must return the bowls to any of the many restaurants in the network where they will be washed using industrial machines and put back into circulation.

7. A modern birthing center

Based in Brooklyn, Oula is a space dedicated to new moms. It is a place that aims to solve all your needs under one roof, from a team of super-professional gynecologists with an intense dedication to service, to workshops focused on preparing for labor, physically and mentally.

As if the above were not enough, this young project also offers an app in which mothers can consult their doubts and obtain the correct answers when they need them, as well as immediate virtual assistance.

8. A kit to update your name after marriage

NewlyNamed is a kit that contains absolutely everything you need to change your name after marriage or divorce on your Social Security, Passport, Driver’s License, Bank Accounts and even loyalty programs in airlines and hotels in the United States.

9. A messenger service that works through urban lockers

Based in Sweden, Instabox is a logistics company that works through a network of strategically installed urban lockers inside convenience stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, corporate buildings, apartment towers, and much more.

To use this service, it is only necessary that, when making any purchase online, you make sure that the online store has an agreement with this logistics company. If that is the case, when you checkout, you just have to choose that your order arrives at the Instabox locker closest to your home or work and that’s it, in less than 24 hours you will receive a unique code so you can open the locker they contain your shopping.

10. The business that pays you to put advertising in your windows

Add My Window, is the startup that allows you to rent the windows of your home to companies looking for advertising space. Depending on the location of your home, the size and number of windows available, the startup will calculate the advertising value of your spaces.

11. A recycling service for coffee shops

Based in the city of Melbourne, Reground is a green project focused on the coffee industry. This is a service that helps local coffee shops reduce their environmental impact by collecting their organic waste, which is later used to prepare compost to nourish parks and public spaces.

12. A juice and smoothie vending machine

Just as if it were buying a soda, JuiceBot is a proposal that was born with a single purpose in mind: to make the freshest and most organic juices within your reach. To achieve its goal, this innovative startup has developed a dispensing machine that can process the fruits at the moment so that you can consume a truly fresh product.

Apart from its innovative points of sale, the most innovative aspect of JuiceBot’s business model is its logistics strategy, since all the raw materials used to prepare juices and smoothies are supplied every 24 hours and, only in extreme cases, every 48 hours.

13. A platform of returnable cups for cafeterias

Recup is a German startup that was born with the vision of revolutionizing the takeaway coffee format, eliminating disposable cups from the equation.

The operation of this service is quite simple. All you have to do is go to your favorite coffee shop and order your coffee to go in a glass of this brand. Afterwards, you can go to any other local cafeteria affiliated with the project to leave the packaging you stopped using. Finally, they will be in charge of cleaning it and putting it back into circulation.

14. A business dedicated to renting children’s clothing

Children grow, but their clothes do not. Circos was born precisely to solve this problem, an international subscription that gives you access to an infinite number of children’s clothes in exchange for comfortable monthly payments. On their website you will find a lot of options for your little one; from shirts, pants, and blankets, to dresses, hats and other accessories from brands like Patagonia, Noppies and Vigga.

15. An on-demand childcare service

Brella is a daycare in Los Angeles, which is revolutionizing childcare, because instead of tying you up with expensive contracts, it offers an hourly or subscription service plan through its app.

This place, in addition to offering a friendly and specialized environment for children from 3 months to 6 years old, with early education activities such as literature, painting and mathematics, offers amenities, activities and productive spaces for parents.

Source: The Monopolitan