Morelia man sentenced to 50 years in prison for femicide


After almost three years and dozens of hearings, Diego Urik, Jessica González Villaseñor’s femicide, was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

To determine the sentence, Judge Ariel Montoya Romero determined that the accused committed acts of objectification of the victim. In addition to the sentence, Urik must pay 1 million 981 thousand pesos for damage repair.

The judge also determined that 12 psychological treatment sessions must be paid for Jessica’s parents and siblings.

After dozens of hearings, more than 100 pieces of evidence, and a long parade of testimonies, Judge Ariel Montoya Romero reached that conclusion, finding that the act was carried out with cruelty, misogyny, treachery, deceit, and physical brutality. Protected by article 120 of the State Penal Code, he determined that the penalty be the highest, of which the defendant has already served a little over two years.

Feminist women groups gathered outside the Morelia Judiciary Offices demanding justice and celebrated the judge’s decision. The family of the victim, specifically Jessica’s mother Verónica Villaseñor, also celebrated the judge’s decision; and said that Mexican laws “are stupid” because they give many opportunities to the perpetrators, even though all the evidence is against them.

This way, today concludes one of the most publicized court cases in recent years, as it joined the wave of femicides that is plaguing the entire country and of which Michoacán is no stranger.

Source: OEM

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